Great resource for new authors

Excellent resource for writers. (Anyone who is going back and forth and struggling to decide whether or not to have their manuscript professionally edited, should read this!) :

“…you’ve given a sneak peek at your masterpiece to a few people whose opinion you trust—relatives, longtime friends, business colleagues. And, sure, they may have spotted a few misspellings, or a weird sentence construction here or there, but what the hey—everybody makes mistakes.

They’re just tickled that you’ve had the audacity, capacity and tenacity to write a book; a few glitches only show that you’re human. After all, who’s perfect?  It’s time to send your “baby” on its way to possible fame, and reap the glories of being a published author!

Are You Serious?

Oh, but wait… if you really want to be taken seriously as a writer, stop and listen to that little nagging voice in your head that keeps saying, “Shouldn’t you be running the manuscript past an experienced professional copyeditor before you send it out?””

Great article. I think many people are concerned with what will happen to our “voice” if we have our books critiqued and edited. Not to mention –a professional copyeditor can  be very expensive. So what do we do? I learned a lot from this website, and encourage new self-published authors like myself to check it out.

“Blogging and publishing are, to my mind, similar activities. Hey, there’s a reason why the button on my WordPress blog doesn’t say “Post” or “Submit” or “I’m finished, let’s go.” It says “Publish.”

The Profit in Persistence

Here’s what I can tell you from experience, and from watching lots of people dive into blogging. Many of them will post wildly for a few weeks or months, then flame out.

Some will pound away for months, head down and gradually becoming more lost and dejected.

There are only a few in each niche, from what I can see, who really have a plan, stick to it and prosper. That’s what I want for you.”

Both  articles are awesome. (The website is very informative). It definitely changes my view on editing my own work. It also confirms three things:

Persistence, networking, and practice.



  1. Cynthia said:

    This is really good information. I think that a lot of us that what was brillant in our heads once publish will end up once publish making us look like idiots.

    • Thank you so much for commenting. I love your website.

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