Meet D. Thompson: Poet and contributing writer



D Thompson is a dedicated mother, wife and poet.

She has recently achieved her BBA, enjoys volunteering and manages to find time for constructing thought provoking  poetry. I’m so happy to have Donesha as a contributor, and cannot wait to share her wisdom and unique point of view on Isola.


Donesha has recently published her first book of poetry, Roses from Stones:

Roses From Stones allows the reader to examine surroundings and one’s innerself. Enjoy a quick and enjoyable read in your leisure!

A few of Donesha’s longterm goals are:

  • To raise well rounded, happy children
  • To finish her novel
  • To own her own business/Dance studio
  • To help and inspire women from all walks of life through God, prayer and loving motivation



I find this poem piercing in a world where confusion and as the poem mentions, burdens, rule everything around us. To see beauty through it all is rough, but its worth it, because all of this suffering is temporary. All of the trivial things are temporary.

The metaphor of the penny, especially, grasped me. Anyone who stops to think of how often we wait on life to happen instead of living, would appreciate the reminder to live – to see beauty.


Won’t Stay Still:

Find yourself drawn into a conundrum of rushing, obsessing, and last but not least, running through life. This is a great reminder to keep reaching for our goals, but to keep our goals in perspective. I believe the key to this is being grateful for every moment — a constant struggle for almost everyone I know.

The Artist:

In this poem, vibrant colors meet beautiful words. Donesha creates an intricate portrait that any artist — painters, writers, photographers — will enjoy. She has not only captured the brilliance of art, but she has managed to put every detail into words.

“Earth tone yellow and orange, filling my heart; brown and red sifting through the art.

My stainless thoughts wrapped strategically in the swirls …”


Roses from Stones:

This is a poem many readers have found relatable, as it embodies finding one’s way through adversity. From the moment a writer’s pen meets the page, or their fingers meet the keyboard, creativity is unleashed, as we create beauty in a world that can be, at times, so discouraging.

“Fingers to pen, pen to page

She will banish all lies made of empty; she has become bare from chains of rage

Sweet roses from stone, melodies from rain …”


A More Weakened Me:

I often say, we never know by looking around, who is suffering from a broken heart. We never know who is suffering from an illness so devious, that a person would not know that they have been struck, until they have made it safely to higher ground. The illness I am talking about is depression. In “A More Weakened Me,” find a profound poem, touching to anyone who has experienced hard times.

” .. Just as crippling as dark and blinding night

Can’t move two feet ahead without feeling held back

Like a two edged sword piercing the depths of my heart

I am bleeding in large sums of disappointment …”


Buy Roses from Stones


Meet Sherry Pringle of Healthy Happy Relationships!

Sherry Pringle is a loving wife, relationship coach, writer and community volunteer/mentor. 

Her life purpose is to experience life openly — to experience life passionately and creatively, as a spiritual being, exploring her connection to every living entity and its unique contribution to the universe.

Sherry’s mission: to help others find and keep joy, love and lifelong connections with their partners.

You can find her helping people achieve a deeper understanding in their relationships  at Healthy Happy Relationships.

Want to connect with Sherry online?!

Twitter: @SherryPringle

Become a part of her facebook community at:

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