“Somebody make it all stop and tell me why the hell am I still…”


So excited about the ‘Like Shards of Glass‘ book discussion with the book club group, The Writer’s Pearls!

Join me on October 10, 2014 at 3pm cst, for an in depth look at my newest novel, “LIke Shards of Glass”. (Email: ari.r.james@gmail.com,  or message me for free coupon codes!)




Forget the bed; the floor was fine. I pulled down the comforter and curled up with the bottle of wine. This was the moment when my boys knocked on my door and bothered me about snacks and boredom. Karter would shoo them away and tell them I was sleeping, then turn around and beg me to let him off punishment, so he could go to some silly party. Wasn’t this supposed to be the moment when my decorated hero came and lifted me off of the floor and placed me gently on the bed? Was that not what I deserved? If I am a mother, why am I on the cold, hard floor, drugged, shaking, tired, unable to sleep?

When do my boys call me mom, mommy, momma, and bother me about new shoes? Didn’t I give birth? Aren’t I a mother – a mother of four boys? No? Then who am I? Who am I and why am I here? Somebody make it all stop and tell me why the hell am I still…





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