Since self-publishing last year, there have been ups and downs, highs and lows, lessons and regrets.

One of my biggest setbacks? Getting Just Beneath the Surface II out there so that I could move forward with the next project(s).

You may not remember, but the release date was originally winter of 2012. It has been delayed and pushed back so many times, that I lost all patience. I stopped talking about it, prayed about it, and I released it from my long list of obsessions … over and over again.

And then, I got news — wonderful news — from an independent publisher, InknBeans Press, which I submitted to last year. They were interested in acquiring Just Beneath the Surface! Since I’m always shocked when someone likes or is moved by what I write, I was, of course … shocked.

Then it set in …

This meant not only a home for Just Beneath the Surface, but a home for the sequel! Finally, I could exhale. And I did. For every door that closed, I feel pretty good about the one that opened – just as I wanted to walk away and regroup.

I took my time, went over my contract (and took some more time) and I realized that it just felt right. So, its official – I now have a publisher. Never really saw that coming. And as I always say, its more than money or fame for me. Its beyond writing simply because I read a book and I felt I could do better. Its something beyond words for me; I only know I want to know I wrote something timeless,relatable and that someone was moved.

I’m grateful and content (not to be confused with complacent) to know that InknBeans believes in my potential. Pretty good feeling.

In closing …
If I, someone who has been writing for years, only as an outlet, with no intent to share, too afraid to believe in my passion,  can achieve it, so can you.

~Pray, dream,write … don’t give up … never give up

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  1. So eloquently written . . .I’m sure you have inspired writers everywhere! I love your quote at the top of the page, and the very last line of this blog.Continue to inspire.

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