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Where were you chronicles: Nadia

You ready for this?” Ray asked as he and Nadia stood waiting in line at a restaurant downtown.

I think so,” Nadia said smoothing her dress.

You look fine,” Ray said watching the door as he waited for Christian.

I’m just nervous. You and him have been talking. I’ll be new to him. And what if, what if he asks whose idea it was?”

Here he comes. Calm down,” Ray said placing his hand in the center of Nadia’s back.

Christian forced a smile as he and Cassady joined Ray and Nadia in line. “I never been here, before. Looks sadity. Like her,” Cassady said eying the lovely restaurant, then smiling at Nadia.

Nadia eyed Cassady. Am I the only one who heard this, she wondered.

Hi.” Nadia held out her hand stiffly to Christian’s younger sister.

She tried not to ignore Cassady, but she could hardly take her eyes off of him. Christian nodded his head and forced a smile. Nadia wanted to run to the restroom and cry; he was beautiful. Her son was absolutely beautiful.

Where were you?



by Donesha Thompson

Her heart races at the speed of light with the strength of 200 horses combined. She looks over the heads of witnesses finding their presence irrelevant to the occasion. Mind is blown, like that of a dandelion in a summer storm being chased by sand’s fury. She is faced with the light of her like, but the doom of her past decision. Reconcile, reconcile, reconcile…

How silly she feels, but this is the perfect moment in an imperfect world. She has gathered her pieces together before they scattered away and she’s nothing left. Nothing can describe to her, no one can erase for her the beauty she saw and felt from the eyes of the soul, and the thump in her chest. Tomorrow does not have to come to her, tomorrow means he could be elsewhere. She wants to live where time stood still to reconcile, to reconcile, may he let her share his world.

Just Beneath full

Another reminder: Just Beneath the Surface I is now available in print, and just for today, if you head over to … it’s free with this code: HJ69F ! Here is a look at the summary, as well as a review.

When Kendall Berkely takes a look in the mirror, she not only desperately wants to run away from the stranger staring back at her; but she also knows that her days are numbered. She can feel it in her bones, and has the bruises to prove it. To make matters worse, Kendall will soon discover that her seventeen year old daughter, Diamond is on a path nearly just as dangerous.
After the demise of the family unit she once knew, a distracted mother, and being forced to accept a new stepfather, Diamond finds herself knee deep in a multitude of mistakes. When Diamond finds herself more lonely than ever before she crosses paths with Bobby Lidell; a teacher’s aide with a dark side. Just as Diamond realizes that she is in over her head, her mother and father have already been notified, and will do everything in their power to protect her.

But what is lurking in the shadows will not stop until a vow has been kept; what is lurking just beneath the surface will come seeking revenge.


One reviewer, who gives the novel a 5 star review, says:

“Just Beneath the surface is a study in abuse. You automatically know this will be a story about domestic abuse; you just have to wonder how it will be told. R.H. Ramsey does a terrific job in her telling. Like the peeling of an onion, just as one layer of abuse is revealed another is seen just beneath the surface. As I read the story I began to see the problem started in subtle ways. What seemed like a loving, fun filled family was really a group of people always ticking at each other. Name calling and teasing between brother and sister, snide, belittling remarks between the parents, and a woman who doesn’t have respect for the man she is with is a disaster waiting to happen.

Kendall harbors resentment and lack of respect for the easy going man she has been with from high school. Michael feeds her resentment by having excuses for not marrying her after 14 years of living together. The children dislike each other, jealous because of the obvious favoritism for one by the opposite parent. Just as I thought everything was about to blow up, the story took a totally different turn and the parents separated, revealing a level of an entirely different form of abuse.

In this deeper level, Ramsey decided to tell the story through the alternating voice of the women. Kendall finds and marries a new man and will do anything and accepts every thing in order to keep this man. Even to the point of ignoring her children and the ability to save her daughter from following in her footsteps.

This is definitely a book to read. Just when you expect one thing to happen, another layer is revealed and you are pulled deeper and further beneath the surface.”

 Head over to Smashwords, use the code (HJ69F) and pick up your free copy!

Bookworm’s Nook:

an avid reader’s perspective

Hello & Welcome, Joey!

Would you like to share a bit about yourself?

My name is Joey Pinkney. I run a website called It’s a book blog that brings together readers and writers of many different genres. It features author interviews and book reviews. I do a lot of social media marketing to expose writers to a growing readership.

I’m also an author of a few published short stories. My latest publication at the time of answering the questions in the interview is my novel “Unholy Days”. It can be downloaded as a free Android app at the following link:

What is your favorite thing about reading?

My favorite thing about reading is learning. Reading has the great potential introducing you to new worlds and concepts. A great book will whisk you away to a world you may have never experience. The ability to expand through the written world is very interesting to me.

When did you fall in love with reading?

I fell in love with reading as soon as I learned how to make sense of the letters. I still love looking at ads, junk mail, literature, almost anything with words. Reading those children’s stories was perfect for my vivid imagination. That same imagination carried over into my adult years.

What are your favorite genres and why?

It’s hard to pick a favorite genre because many of the novels I read today tend to blend different genres together. I still like Urban Fiction. I like the guns, sex, violence and the morals in the themes. I’m the same way about movies. I guess it’s a safe form of escapism.

Do you prefer paperback books, e-books or both? Why?

My preference has shifted over the past two years. I clung to the idea of paperbacks for as long as possible. With paperbacks, I can easily flip through the pages and go back to a specific point in the book.

All of that goes out of the window with ebooks. They are so much more convenient. Easy to obtain. Easy to access. I can search for key words and find exactly what I’m looking for.

I had an experience with paperbacks that really put the convenience of ebooks in perspective. I was helping a friend move. He had a box of books that I had to take up two flight of stairs. With each step, I realized more and more than I’d much rather carry these book in a Kindle.

What, in your opinion, makes a writer one of “the greats?”

I think that the fans make certain authors a part of “the greats”. More specifically, certain critics with pull and clout make “the greats” who they are. That’s not to insinuate that “the greats” don’t deserve their positions.

But I do want to make the point that there are many great writers that are overshadowed by the ones who get recognized. There are so many books that have been produced over the years that are just as intense and provocative, yet they get looked over because they are not from popular authors.

When reading, what types of characters do you find yourself relating to more than others?

I find myself relating to characters that question the validity of the world in which they are placed. When things are swirling about and a character asks or ponders the same thing I’m thinking while reading, that character will keep my attention.

Are there books that you find yourself revisiting? (Either in your mind or literally picking up the book to reread it again and again).

I rarely reread books. The few times that I have, I’ve seen the layers that the books provide that you can’t get on the first go around. There are certain characters that I see in the real world in the people I come across. Most good authors are able to infuse the experiences in to stories to the point where the reader can relate to that experience.

Has a book ever brought you to tears? If so, what book and why?

Yes, a few books have brought me to tears. Some of the situations are so intense and stressful that they make you want to scream. I recently read a status update from Treasure Blue’s Facebook Wall that when something like this: “If you don’t cry while writing your book, you don’t need to be writing.”

That might not be the direct quote, but I think he was prompting writers to come with an intensity in their story that is unavoidable. Anything less shouldn’t be published.

Do you ever find yourself more connected with the darker

characters/antagonists in the books you read?

There have been times where I “sit back and root for the villain” like Nas said. I relate to the underdog at times and understand that sometimes the antagonist could very well be the protagonist with a little bit of insight into the overall situation.

If you could introduce two characters from two different books you have read, who would they be and why?

I would introduce Gabby from Monica Mathis Stowe’s “Where Did We Go Wrong” series to Denise Johnson from Madison’s “Scattered Lies” series. I know Denise would figure our a way to murder Gabby, but I’m sure Gabby would verbally give Denise a run for her money.

What is one book you wish you could see on the big screen? What books, in your opinion, were better as books, not so much movies?

All books are better than the movies that come from them, period. No director can capture what can be experienced between an author, his/her book and the reader.

I’d like to see Moses Miller’s “Trifling Times of… Nathan Jones” as a movie. Action, love, social history, you can’t beat it.

Many authors are avid readers — how can writers separate inspiration from imitation, cultivate their craft, and mature into their own artist?


I don’t think an author who is an avid reader can completely separate inspiration from imitation. As we read, we pick up tricks and tools for future writing. Or at least we should. That’s not to say that we should rip off a person’s writing style. But it does mean that inspiration can lead to imitation. That’s directly tied into cultivating one’s craft. Getting better at writing required increased levels of writing as much as increased levels of learning about what writing and storytelling is. That comes from putting a lot of mental energy into studying the ins and outs of writing.

The more you think as you write, the more you start to get to a point where you write in a manner that makes sense to you. That’s when you begin to mature into your own artist.

Thanks, Joey!

Visit Joey’s website:

Find Joey Pinkney’s books here:

Roses From Stones

“Roses From Stones allows the reader to examine surroundings and one’s inner-self. Enjoy a quick and enjoyable read in your leisure!”


I find this poem piercing in a world where confusion and as the poem mentions, burdens, rule everything around us. To see beauty through it all is rough, but its worth it, because all of this suffering is temporary. All of the trivial things are temporary.

The metaphor of the penny, especially, grasped me. Anyone who stops to think of how often we wait on life to happen instead of living, would appreciate the reminder to live – to see beauty.


Won’t Stay Still:

Find yourself drawn into a conundrum of rushing, obsessing, and last but not least, running through life. This is a great reminder to keep reaching for our goals, but to keep our goals in perspective. I believe the key to this is being grateful for every moment — a constant struggle for almost everyone I know.

The Artist:

In this poem, which adorns a Pittsburgh art studio, vibrant colors meet beautiful words. Donesha creates an intricate portrait that any artist — painters, writers, photographers — will enjoy. She has not only captured the brilliance of art, but she has managed to put every detail into words.

“Earth tone yellow and orange, filling my heart; brown and red sifting through the art.

My stainless thoughts wrapped strategically in the swirls …”


Roses from Stones:

This is a poem many readers have found relatable, as it embodies finding one’s way through adversity. From the moment a writer’s pen meets the page, or their fingers meet the keyboard, creativity is unleashed, as we create beauty in a world that can be, at times, so discouraging.

“Fingers to pen, pen to page

She will banish all lies made of empty; she has become bare from chains of rage

Sweet roses from stone, melodies from rain …”


A More Weakened Me:

I often say, we never know by looking around, who is suffering from a broken heart. We never know who is suffering from an illness so devious, that a person would not know that they have been struck, until they have made it safely to higher ground. The illness I am talking about is depression. In “A More Weakened Me,” find a profound poem, touching to anyone who has experienced hard times.

” .. Just as crippling as dark and blinding night

Can’t move two feet ahead without feeling held back

Like a two edged sword piercing the depths of my heart

I am bleeding in large sums of disappointment …”


Buy Roses from Stones

Excellent resource for writers. (Anyone who is going back and forth and struggling to decide whether or not to have their manuscript professionally edited, should read this!) :

“…you’ve given a sneak peek at your masterpiece to a few people whose opinion you trust—relatives, longtime friends, business colleagues. And, sure, they may have spotted a few misspellings, or a weird sentence construction here or there, but what the hey—everybody makes mistakes.

They’re just tickled that you’ve had the audacity, capacity and tenacity to write a book; a few glitches only show that you’re human. After all, who’s perfect?  It’s time to send your “baby” on its way to possible fame, and reap the glories of being a published author!

Are You Serious?

Oh, but wait… if you really want to be taken seriously as a writer, stop and listen to that little nagging voice in your head that keeps saying, “Shouldn’t you be running the manuscript past an experienced professional copyeditor before you send it out?””

Great article. I think many people are concerned with what will happen to our “voice” if we have our books critiqued and edited. Not to mention –a professional copyeditor can  be very expensive. So what do we do? I learned a lot from this website, and encourage new self-published authors like myself to check it out.

“Blogging and publishing are, to my mind, similar activities. Hey, there’s a reason why the button on my WordPress blog doesn’t say “Post” or “Submit” or “I’m finished, let’s go.” It says “Publish.”

The Profit in Persistence

Here’s what I can tell you from experience, and from watching lots of people dive into blogging. Many of them will post wildly for a few weeks or months, then flame out.

Some will pound away for months, head down and gradually becoming more lost and dejected.

There are only a few in each niche, from what I can see, who really have a plan, stick to it and prosper. That’s what I want for you.”

Both  articles are awesome. (The website is very informative). It definitely changes my view on editing my own work. It also confirms three things:

Persistence, networking, and practice.