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Hello and welcome, Laura Wright Laroche!

Inspiration – it could be anything from a life story, to a butterfly in the palm of a child.  I love to hear the story behind each story or idea!

Author Laura Wright Laroche has created a really unique trailer for her book, Black Woods Revealed, and I am itching to get into her head!! Here is our chat.

Laura, what inspired such a creative project?

My love of morel mushroom hunting.

How long have you been an avid mushroom hunter, and what do you say to those who don’t understand/have never tried mushroom hunting?

I’ve hunted mushrooms my whole life. Our family has hunted for generations. I think everyone should try mushroom hunting at least once. They may find a new love of nature.

Was this more difficult than designing covers and “regular” book trailers?

Yes. I learned I’m not the best with a video camera, but I had fun with my family.

Would you ever consider a follow-up video to the Black Woods trailer, or similar videos for your other books?

Sure, but maybe I will get someone else to run the camera.

How does mushroom hunting inspire your character development and writing process?

I think of all the times my sister and I have been spooked while in the woods and what our brains decided it could be. Then I wrote them down and shared it with the world.

Do you feel that you are able to create better stories, brainstorm and avoid writer’s block with such an adventurous hobby?

Yes, when it comes to the Black Woods series. Most of the events and wild imagination story lines came from true life experience.

From start to finish, writer’s block and all, what’s your process?

To start, the idea of a book just happens and I have to write. I think the story will end one way, but ultimately it winds up different. So far I’ve not had writer’s block, knock on woods. But if it should happen, I will ask other authors what they recommend. I like writing anytime, but do my best in the evening. When everyone is tucked away for the night, I write. The T.V. softly playing and a fresh pot of coffee, and I’m good for hours.

Laura, what are some of your favorite quotes about writing and perseverance?

I try to create sympathy for my characters, then turn the monsters loose. – Stephen King,

It is perfectly okay to write garbage—as long as you edit brilliantly.- C. J. Cherryh,  Half my life is an act of revision. – John Irving and many more.

Many writers compare having to call one of their books a favorite, to choosing between their children. Would you say its the same with choosing between book cover designs, book trailers and writing?

Yes, to compare one over the other is not fair to the imagination. Every book, cover, and trailer are different in their own right. Expressing the thoughts and characters as vividly as the author will allow the reader. The interior, cover, and trailers are only teasers to the mind, hopefully leaving the reading wanting more.

I couldn’t agree more – I love the way you put this!

And without further adieu, here is Laura’s new trailer:


Thanks so much for a very fun chat! Is there anything else you would like to share?

I would like to thank all the readers who have made Black Woods a success.

“In a world of words anything is possible.” – Laura Wright LaRoche

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