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Being shy has been my least favorite thing about myself. There have been orchestra recitals, piano contests, times when my parents wanted me to sing … in front of people, (and the list goes on) and with each of these situations, I’ve either disappeared, or made myself physically ill when it was all said and done. I’m getting better, I’d like to continue to work on that, and I’d like to not only take baby steps, but to dive in.

Today, I’d like to do something wacky. Well, it’s wacky to me.

When I create a book trailer (or, wait. I think we’re supposed to call them videos, now) I create quite a few. And in some of them, I sing. In one of them, I actually used lyrics I had written, and put them with the melody my friend had composed on the piano. I never officially shared it, because it had far too many errors, and the sound quality was really bad. Today, I’ll be sharing one of my drafts, and in it there’s a clip of me singing. Just going with the flow, being creative, having way too much fun. But isn’t that what it’s all about?

Tomorrow, I’ll share the official promo video.

So …

Here goes; here’s my Like Shards of Glass draft:



Did you roll your eyes? Don’t roll them too hard. They may get stuck up there. I repeat, I was just fooling around. 😉

It’s just a draft, but like I said, I had fun and plan to share more of my ‘fun’ in the future. I like to share the process, the drafts, the mistakes, what-was-I-thinkings, and the lessons behind all of the above

Again, I’ll be sharing the official video, tomorrow. Be here or be square! Wait, that’s not how that goes. Awkward.

Anyway. Side note: Becoming an author has been one of those things that really pushed me out of my comfort zone. When I finished writing my first books, I told anyone who expressed an interest in them, or suggested that I get them published, that I was only writing for me; I was only writing as a hobby. But the hobby was a passion. The passion has taken on a life of its own.


Move out of your own way and let your hobby become a passion, and take on a life of it’s own. ❤