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It’s so hard to put yourself out there. And asking for book reviews, to me, feels like standing naked asking, “What do you think? Critique me. I can take it. Just tell me what’s wrong with me! Tell me what’s right with me!”

But in the process of requesting book reviews, we learn a lot about ourselves as writers, and sometimes, we gain an opportunity to share what others have said about our art. Today, I am very pleased to share two new reviews for Just Beneath the Surface: Landon’s Story (available, now):

Within the narrative, there is great anger, great suffering, great joy and great loss. Landon and Seven evolve as the story progresses in a shockingly realistic way. Ramsey comments within the narrative, or so it seems, on man’s cruelty to man. Any of us who have been online for more than five minutes can see a parallel. People say the things that cut the deepest and then laugh with derision when a person is hurt. “What do you expect?” they ask. “You’re pathetic. Why haven’t you killed yourself. You’re a waste of oxygen.” They hate each other for the smallest things and never is a thought given to the pain and damage lurking under the skin. Ramsey does the impossible in Just Beneath the Surface II: Landon’s Story in making us feel and weep for those lost souls who may seem to be the least sympathetic. Does that mean we should ever let someone choose our path? Never, but we should reach out in sympathy and compassion to those who can be saved and identify with the turmoil within. We should open our eyes to our fellow man and help who we can each day.

R.H. Ramsey’s writing style is beautiful and hauntingly real. We build a relationship with Landon and Seven in her writing and when the time comes we wonder what we could have done to help. This is a work to be savored. A tragic masterpiece. Pick it up today.

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Review by Ey Wade of

The signs of abuse, no matter what form, can speak so softly, be hidden so well, dress sooo beautifully, no one would know what was beneath the surface.

In Landon’s story,RH Ramsey pulls us in by showing us how abuse can be hidden behind perfection, wrapped in a velvet glove, tied with friendship, packaged in the familiar faces of loved ones, and is almost totally buried.

I am not one for remembering names, but I remember emotions. Beneath the Surface is embroiled with scenes of tenderness, denial, shock, love, betrayal, amazement and you live each and everyone of them. . I was entranced with this story.

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Why do we, myself included, carry so much doubt? Our eyes, our hair, our noses and mouths, the way we walk, the way we dress, the way we speak, our talents — we doubt so many things about ourselves. And when it comes down to a negative comment from one person, and compliment from someone else, what do we often do? We shun the good and run with the bad; it is almost as if, we are befriending our insecurities.

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What is this, why, and how does it take place?

Was it the smile? The eyes? Was it the dimples? The body — was it purely physical? Was it the chemistry?

Maybe, what drew you in, was deeper.

… Of course it was.

And like embers fall to the earth after a blazing fire, some deep magnetism brought you face to face …

Heart to heart ..

Minds colliding like high tide, the collision only forcing you deeper — nearly drowning.

But what was it? What started the attraction, the fever, the rush?

What if, it wasn’t the smile, but what was  between the lines. It wasn’t their laugh, it was the desperate need to fill the silence – an effort to protect you from the embarrassment of your bad joke. It wasn’t the voice, it was the story.  It wasn’t the eyes, it was the need beyond the gaze. It wasn’t the body-and even if it was, your subconscious saw the language of the body before your eyes were pleased by what they saw.

The story. The secrets. The strength. The naivete. The anger. The retreat. The weaknesses. The power. The candor. The silence. The resentment. The tears. The false strength. The anger and hurt. The retreat. The story and control. The secrets and lies.
… explosion ..

You look up. You look around. Embers are falling. They were falling when it began. They are falling as it ends.

What is attraction? Why do we fall? So deeply, so quickly?  What’s beneath the surface?

Just beneath ll 2 (2)

Landon’s story:

If I haven’t said enough — haven’t quite made it clear — I love to work on multiple projects at once. It keeps everything fresh and exciting. Well, lately — actually, for the past two years, I have been re-writing the novel Fountains, while working on another novel, Disappear, conjuring up short stories, in between time.

But Fountains, like Just Beneath the Surface, was was written almost ten years ago. It’s a prequel to Where were you, with many integral, intricate characters.

The book needs a lot of work, and I keep feeling like, I’m having to force it. I’m not really used to that, because I hop around, keeping the passion alive. (Let me say, this isn’t writer’s block; I am very connected to the story and characters. When I work on it, and I focus, I’m right there, and it flows — but it’s forced, because I feel confined.)

But not, now. I was inspired. I was so inspired.

He (Mr Ramsey) said to me (paraphrasing, but almost verbatim): “I remember ten years ago. You’d come to my job, wearing that striped v-neck sweater, that skirt, and I think flipflops. ‘Member that?  The way you’d look at me — that look, so sweet and genuine — never had that, before. We’d stay up late, talking, holding hands, until 3am. We’d sit on the bed of my truck, listening to music, looking up at the stars  .. and through ups and downs, I still see us that way.”

And just like that, there’s a shift, and I’m inspired — not to go and write some romantic scene. I’m inspired to appreciate what I’ve got and re-written, so far. I’m inspired to admire from afar and look at it the same way I did when I was so proud of it, years ago. I’m inspired to not force it, but to trust, that it will get there, through “ups and downs”.

No more rushing. No more forcing. Thanks, Mr Ramsey, for the inspiration 😉

Yes, I am publicly flirting with you.

Girl Talk!! with Sherry Pringle of Healthy Happy Relationships! Today, Sherry has a few topics, and I will be in the hot seat, with some really tough questions.  Feel free to hop in, share your view; share your thoughts ..girltalk

Sherry: One of the main reasons I felt confident in my ability as a Relationship Coach, was because of all the times friends and family repeatedly came to me asking for relationship advice. Once I really focused on getting more knowledge in relationship support I was able to really help them more.

1. I’m wondering: If Kendall Berkely from your book, Just Beneath the Surface, came to you for relationship advice, what would you, as a mother/friend, say to her?

RH: That’s such a tough question — such a tough question. I am not a professional, and I don’t think I could handle a career like that. I wish I had the strength, but I don’t think that I do. But if asked, I would have to say, my advice would be: “Kendall, I’m here. What’s happening is breaking my heart. I know it has to be breaking yours. But you won’t find me judging you, telling you what to do, what not to do, or what I think. I just want you to know, I’m here for you, and when you say the word, we get you HELP, and we get you OUT of there.”

I’d feel like a criminal, standing by, practically watching it happen. Who knows, maybe I would be the type of person to anonymously call and report the man, and try to get the abuser arrested.

But as far as advice, sometimes, wanting the best for someone and giving them advice, can cause a serious strain on the friendship. Sometimes, it’s hard to know the difference between judgment and advice.

I’d like to think, that I would first ask myself a few questions. When I have been at my worst, was I venting to a friend, because I needed an ear? Was I speaking to a friend, sort of crying out for help? I say that to say, my answer would depend on “Kendall’s” need in that moment. I don’t believe someone in that type of situation is unaware of how dangerous her relationship is; more than likely, she is battling what she feels, what she wants to feel, what she knows, what’s been distorted.

Sherry: 2. In the real world, do you think that guys like Spencer can change and learn to control their abusive blow ups? Where can they go to get help?

RH: Wow! Even more difficult question. And I stress, *I am not a professional. This is just my opinion.*

He needs to be incarcerated, first and foremost. Jail, prison, plenty of time away from potential victims. (I think.)

But as much as I despise a man who is anything like Spencer, I would stand at a distance and hope and PRAY he could take some serious time to reflect. And I mean time alone. I would hope that whatever has happened and caused him to become an abuser, would come to light, and he would get help. Serious help. Statistics are against people like Spencer, but I would never say “never”.

Again, I’m no professional, but I believe they need to seek help as well as be prepared for the consequences of their actions.

Sherry: 3. As an author and more, how do you stay focused and confident enough to complete each novel?How much time do you spend working on that novel weekly?

Focus comes to me naturally, but only when it comes to writing. I say it a lot, but I repeat it because it’s true: I work on several projects at once. Short stories, novels, guest posts, anything that can keep creativity flowing. My attention span is not so great in real life, so the only time I am “focused” is when I am writing.

Confidence? That’s nearly a foreign concept to me. I write a lot about self-esteem and confidence and believing in ourselves, because  in my heart, I believe in the possibility that if it is God’s will, I will touch someone’s life through writing. I want everyone around me to know how talented and what a gift they are to the world .. but me — my thoughts? Sherry, you’ve seen first-hand what I say about myself. I’m definitely a work in progress.

How much time do I spend working on novels? I jot things down all throughout the day. I go to bed working on excerpts that I have emailed myself. And if I am not working on a novel, I am working on short stories and guest posts or networking and *sigh* promoting. I suppose just about all day, every day.

… And that concludes our chat, for today. Thanks so much Sherry 🙂

Any discussions ideas? Free free to leave them in comments!

Just Beneath the Surface II

Into the thoughts of the character “Seven”

Into my mind, into my heart,  into my soul he goes.

Never experienced anything — anyone — quite like this.

My mind, my deepest secrets, my skeletons, my fears, my ocean of unknown — the space where only God resides — Landon found it, and it seems that it was destined to be that way all along.

With other people —  nearly everyone —  I argue, I fight, I curse, I lose control. With a simple glance from him, I am calm. I hear his voice, and through my rage, everything stops. Should one human being ever have so much power over another?

I don’t know what, when, or how, but I know it’s almost like nothing existed before him.