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Novemeber 27th, 2013, marked the date of the Just Beneath the Surface II: Landon’s Story soft release. Today is the day the novel is officially available in both ebook and print.

To celebrate, I am giving away a signed copy of my book of short stories entitled Undone,  which includes the first two chapters of Just Beneath the Surface: Landon’s Story. Enter to win a free print copy of Undone here >> a Rafflecopter giveaway …

Also, today through December 30, find Undone free on Amazon.

But first, before you go, here is a new glimpse of what’s  … Beneath the Surface:


Over his dead body, would he have a repeat of the relationship he had had with Nova.

“I’m gettin’ in the shower,” Seven moaned.

“What did you take?” he asked, a strain in his voice.

He reached down in the front of his pants and took out the clipped extension cord.

“From who?” she asked.

“Was it a needle? A pill? What was it?”

“Landon? A couple drinks and a couple pills. That’s it. Hell, don’t even bother askin’, because I don’t know what they were.”

“Pills,” Landon said, mocking her.

He kissed the crown of her head and inhaled deeply. “I love you too much to let you – just – ” He placed the extension cord loosely around her neck. “I’d never hurt anybody. Not intentionally – do you believe that?”

Just Beneath the Surface II: Landon’s Story

Just beneath ll 2 (2)

Hello, all!

Reminder:  Just Beneath the Surface I is discounted – only 1.99. Not bad, right?

Please, hop over to Amazon or Smashwords, and take advantage of a pretty good deal.

1 Diamond plus flame

After the demise of the family unit she once knew, a distracted mother, and being forced to accept a new stepfather, Diamond finds herself knee deep in a multitude of mistakes. When Diamond finds herself more lonely than ever before, she crosses paths with Bobby Lidell, a teacher’s aide with a dark side .. Just Beneath the Surface I – Amazon

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Into the mind of character ‘Landon’  of  Just beneath the surface II

What I’m most proud of:

I can tell you what you’re about to say before you say it.

I can calculate, create and diffuse any emotion.

I am in control every second of every day; there’s no other way.

I can mold anything, anyone, any situation into what it needs to be.

What I’m least proud of:

My past … because some things are better left in the past.

If you were to ask me about trust:

That’s a multifaceted question. I’m not one of those people who lives a sad, sheltered life, constantly fearing getting hurt.

With trust, I believe first, you’d have to trust yourself; I trust me wholeheartedly. Everything else falls in line.


I keep it pretty simple: love her, help her, be faithful to her, be her everything. Die before I’d put my hands on a woman. I keep my relationships where they belong: between myself and the woman I am involved with.

What I could use a bit less of:
Being referred to as controlling. Being called a robot.

Robot. I’m starting to hate that word. What I hate even more than the word “robot,” is the way people turn control into a four letter word.

How do I get them to understand?

I learned a lot as a child, being in the midst of a storm.  I learned what I learned because I was the calm in that storm. Nobody could tell me control is wrong; control saved my life.

I learned part of the problem was, people were angry with me for being unaffected. Secretly, they too, value control. Someplace deep down, we all do. To help, fix, love, possess, control — are these things not at the root of  human nature?

If you’re not in control, where are you?
If you’re not centered, where are you?
If you’re not introspective, who are you?

Out of control, on the edge, lost …

Out of control, to me, sounds like an explosion — hell — I’ve been to that place. Hell if I go back.


Landon, a mysterious engineering student, has learned to treat his past as though it belongs to someone else. He has learned to control every thought that enters his mind: everything from his memories, to his smile, to the tone of his voice. Anyone who believes that they have begun to understand Landon is sadly mistaken. He is a man impenetrable.

His own brother, Peter, refers to Landon as a robot. Landon’s mother fears that he will soon self-destruct. Landon only wishes that everyone around him would accept and understand one thing; Landon has unlocked what he considers his most prized possession: the gift of control.

Seven is a peculiar beauty whose temper, harsh tongue and violent tendencies often get her into trouble. After meeting Landon, Seven finds her way into unchartered territory: his heart. Soon, Seven’s perception of herself is challenged. She is frequently urged to step away and reevaluate herself, as the handsome young man who is wise beyond his years gently coaches her into finding her best self.

As secrets are revealed, and an unspoken bond is formed, Landon and Seven grow to be inseparable.

Before long, the horrors of the past bring Landon full circle. As his soft stoic surface faces intrusion, his old self is relinquished to paranoia. In time, Landon’s world is threatened by the recurring nightmare he thought he had left behind.

What is this, why, and how does it take place?

Was it the smile? The eyes? Was it the dimples? The body — was it purely physical? Was it the chemistry?

Maybe, what drew you in, was deeper.

… Of course it was.

And like embers fall to the earth after a blazing fire, some deep magnetism brought you face to face …

Heart to heart ..

Minds colliding like high tide, the collision only forcing you deeper — nearly drowning.

But what was it? What started the attraction, the fever, the rush?

What if, it wasn’t the smile, but what was  between the lines. It wasn’t their laugh, it was the desperate need to fill the silence – an effort to protect you from the embarrassment of your bad joke. It wasn’t the voice, it was the story.  It wasn’t the eyes, it was the need beyond the gaze. It wasn’t the body-and even if it was, your subconscious saw the language of the body before your eyes were pleased by what they saw.

The story. The secrets. The strength. The naivete. The anger. The retreat. The weaknesses. The power. The candor. The silence. The resentment. The tears. The false strength. The anger and hurt. The retreat. The story and control. The secrets and lies.
… explosion ..

You look up. You look around. Embers are falling. They were falling when it began. They are falling as it ends.

What is attraction? Why do we fall? So deeply, so quickly?  What’s beneath the surface?

Just beneath ll 2 (2)

Landon’s story:

You will probably find this to be an interesting way to start a post. Especially at a time when I am sharing and spreading the word about the Just Beneath the Surface re-release (a happy occasion). But I suppose I am, at times, peculiar, and so, I do peculiar things. And I want to share the following email from an online magazine, with you; here goes:

Jul 29 (3 days ago)

to me

Rhonda, Thank you for sending us “Don’t blink, don’t turn away” to **********. We regret to inform you it was not chosen for publication in an upcoming issue. Editorial decisions are often subjective, so we hope you’ll continue writing and submitting. Sincerely, Editor and Staff *********

Have you ever received a letter or email like this? Are you afraid of receiving a letter like this? Does the thought of receiving an email like this stop you from trying? Because for a long time, the idea of a rejection letter stopped me from submitting. The silence or dismissal from people I believed would support me stopped me from sharing. (And I don’t mean coddle me/make a huge deal of my aspirations — I’m easy to please; just a teeny bit of support). Am I the only one?

I still struggle with sharing what I call “book stuff” with my family and friends. I even created an author profile (along with my FB author page), so that I would never be tempted to bombard loved ones with incessant excerpts and links.

But back to the above email. It’s short and sweet. No harm, no foul. No matter how much I’m doubting myself or where I’m going as a writer, when I receive these emails (and I’ve seen my fair share!!!) I don’t fall apart. And you shouldn’t, either. Know why? It’s right there in the email. “Decisions are often subjective” …

Not only does this mean, they know what they’re looking for, and if what you have written doesn’t fit, it won’t be chosen, but it gives me the motivation to channel my energy. It gives me the motivation to create something I’ll tell myself will be even better for next time. It gives me the motivation to look at what I have written with a much more critical eye. I know I’ve said this, before about “rejection,” but it is nothing more than an opportunity to grow. Tear yourself away from the “R” word and redefine it. Focus on the passion inside you. Begin a new project or continue with your works in progress, keeping in mind, the fuel to evolve.

One door closes, another one opens. Keep your eyes open and wait for that opening —  not shut, obsessing over the doors that are closed. I’ll try to take my own advice. 🙂


Onward and upwards! Moving forward …
Just Beneath full
Ready for the final re-release related interview excerpts?? This one’s from Wednesday —  a  (very) fun chat with Vickie Johnstone of Vixies Stories:
“Which character from your books do you like most / are most like?
Good question. I don’t think I am like any of my characters. When it comes to creating characters, I like a blank canvas. The farther I can stray from myself or anyone I have ever met, the better.
Fave things: animal? food? drink? film? colour? band? song? place? item of clothing?
My favorite things – hmm, let’s see…
Animal: too many to count, especially if we talk about the baby animals!
Food: it really depends on my mood, but lately I love pistachios.
Drink: my favorite drink right now, I’m going to have to say 100% Natural Lipton Iced Tea.
Color: blue
Band: several, but right now I’m listening to Raised by Swans and Miguel.
Place: anywhere people are happy, content and peaceful.
Item of clothing: a black Jimi Hendrix shirt with the quote: “When the power of love overcomes the love of power the world will know peace.”
This one’s from (this interview is from last year, before the publisher put their final touches on this passage, before the designer created a new cover)
“Do you have a favorite line or excerpt that you would like to share from your book?

Before I could open the door Spencer grabbed both of my hands and pulled me close to him, “Clubs? Drinking? Lies?” he growled. He threw me back over to the passenger side of the car, raised his fist again, and began punching me repeatedly in my left ear. I instinctively covered my ear with both of my hands. I screamed over his shouting that I could not hear him over the ringing sound. I could only hear my heartbeat.

The longer I sat unable to make out what he was screaming at me, the more hysterical I became. But I managed to sit perfectly still as I crouched over. What if I was deaf? What if the ringing and swishing sounds never stopped?

I opened the door and fell onto our driveway. I felt so dazed, but I had to run. Wherever I ran would be better than going inside of the house. As I pulled myself up using the car door, I could hear his loafers scratching at the pavement as he edged closer.

What are some of your favorite ways to promote your work?

I really enjoy interviews; I like sharing my passion, and explaining more in depth about what I am trying to convey.

I have been very consistent, and quite prolific, but I am guilty of spending more time starting and finishing novels, than I have spent promoting my work — I am very new to promoting.

What is a typical writing day like for you?

I am actually a night owl. Generally, if I have planned a day devoted solely to a novel, I start typing around 9pm, and type through the night, and early morning. If I take a nap, it is a very short one — I like to use every moment I can, because time flies when I am working.

I will make sure I have plenty to drink, I will probably forget to eat, and normally, I do very little planning. If I am stumped, I sit down, and work chapter by chapter. Some days, I work on two books at once; I probably look very disorganized, but there’s a method to my madness.

What are some ways that you like to relax?

Writing is my number one way to relax, as long as I know everyone in my family is happy and taken care of.  I love coming up with new ideas, creating new characters and dialogue, or the feeling of finishing something I started.”

Check out the rest of this interview:


… And that concludes my week-long re-release celebration. I thank you for stopping by and thanks for reading! To show my gratitude, today only,

 Just Beneath the Surface is free on with coupon code:  YX22N

Hello, all!

I try not to go overboard with posts about myself or my books, but as I mentioned Saturday, Just Beneath the Surface is my first official re-release with my publisher! Throughout the week, I will be posting excerpts and sharing bits of information about my novel.

 Today, I will share my new website page, my author trailer, and a link to one of my first interviews.


excerpt from my interview with reviews from here:

“Did something specific happen to prompt you to write this book?

Well. There was a moment where I realized my heart was heavy not only for victims of abuse or domestic violence, but my heart was heavy for those who were being judged in their situation. When I say judged, I am talking about the myths.

People who think that the victims of domestic violence are to blame for their own situations. People who think the victims of domestic violence deserve to be hurt, or like to be hurt – or else why stay?

These are just a couple of many things that stirred something inside of me.This prompted me to create a main character who was strong, confident, and very relatable. Something that I say often, and truly believe, is that with being relatable comes empathy. With empathy comes less judgment.” read entire interview


an interview with the authors show:

Kendall Berkley never understood why
women would stay in abusive relationships
or allow themselves to be battered and
humiliated. It would never happen to her.

She had it all: two beautiful, intelligent
children and a successful career. She
knew she would never let a man abuse
her, and if he did she would walk away.

She knew all this until the day she mar-
ried Spencer. He treated her like a
queen…until he’d had a bad day, or the
house wasn’t spotless, or she looked at
him wrong. No matter how much blood
was shed, or how many bruises had to be
hidden, or how many lies she had to tell,
she stayed for the sake of her marriage.

Sometimes a woman has to choose
between broken vows and broken bones.


Inknbeans website page:

Domestic violence is one of the main issues in the book and Rhonda uses her writing skills perfectly to convey the blows, throws and punches. – unicorn reviews