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3. Are there any ways in which being a military spouse has informed what you read and write?

The topics I write about are never light and fluffy and pretty. I think that, even as a child, my imagination went to darker places, my heart went out to people who seemed sad, and I always appreciated substance. That said, no matter my lifestyle, I would be writing about the tough stuff. Awareness through art, letting people know they are not alone in their struggles, making it clear that no matter what, they do have something to relate to. Military Spouse Book Review Interview







Like Shards of Glass

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Here’s a bit of what’s being said about Like Shards of Glass >> reviews!!, and here’s an interview where I shared a lot of background and inspiration for the book >> Interview!!



Like Shards of Glass excerpt

Chapter 5

Monroe: Once upon a time…

Once upon a time, I awoke to my boys shaking me, whining that they were hungry. Now, I wake to the bitter taste of pills and wine. Not too long ago, I awoke to my hero – my husband. Even if he was not in bed, the indentation in his pillow, his scent, the whispers of his name painting the walls, were enough to remind me of his presence. Now, I wake to nightmares of what he did to my boys – the people at the clinic …

Many days I didn’t exist to him, and he seemed to have befriended the memories of lives which had slipped through his hands. Those friends, those memories, urged him to spend hours in the basement with his rifles. Yet still, I knew he would always at some point in the night, roll over and throw his arm across my waist. Sure, people talked about being with someone, and their true colors beginning to show. But what about being with someone – a goodhearted person, who had been destroyed only because he had always dreamed of being a hero?

As he changed, there were times when, despite living together for so many years, we were strangers. Never would I forget the night five years ago, when Carter had gone to visit his brother. I had unknowingly pulled up beside him at a stoplight after Christmas shopping. And when I looked at the car next to me, his eyes glowered back at me, pouring such hatred into my vehicle that I could only look away. We had not spoken in weeks, except when it was necessary or involved the boys; in that moment, he looked as if it was all coming to a head.

Once the light turned green, I hesitated, then glided into the intersection. Carter sat watching us pass, cars honking at him. The sound of the horns was like some off-key orchestra. Like a disoriented wasp, he sped up, crossed into our lane and rode my bumper. I remembered wondering if it was funny to him. But how could he be so stupid? Holiday traffic was no time to joke that way, especially with our sons in my car.

For several miles, he had driven so close to me that I watched his car in the rear view mirror almost more than I watched the road ahead of me. The car shook as we hit a small pothole, and I thought I saw him smiling a sinister smile. Our boys turned around and waved at him – all except Karter, who stared at me as if he knew something was wrong. Of course, something was wrong. Something within told me, warned me, to take the boys to spend the night with their great-grandparents. And I did.

I arrived home that night, and the same voice which told me to take my boys to stay with their great-grandparents, told me to lock the doors as soon as I made it inside – I didn’t listen. Like Shards of Glass (Amazon)



















This Thursday, August 21, is the day I’ve been so excited about — my latest novel, Like Shards of Glass, will finally be available – officially!!

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Now that that’s over with, how about a new excerpt?


Chapter 4

Dominique Hall

I dragged my gym bag to my bedroom, flung it on the floor, and grabbed some clothes.

I burst into the bathroom, rapping along with a song. My voice trailed off. Snatching the ear buds from my ears, my eyes trailed her: naked, drying off in the mirror, staring at my reflection unfazed.

Why was she unfazed? And what was that fragrance? Like some undiscovered berry and honeysuckle intertwined?

The gentleman in me shielded my eyes, while the dog channeled a deer in headlights, too stunned to leave and close the door. “I’m so sorry.”

And I feel like an adolescent; your body is etched in my mind’s eye, so every time we talk, from now on, this is what I’ll see. Like Shards of Glass

I swallowed hard, and managed to squeeze out, “I’m going.”

“Hey.” Her voice was as dry as dust, and the calmness surprised me, intimidated me. 

“Yeah.” What was I supposed to do?

“Make sure you, umm…”

“Knock, I know. I –”

“Make sure you give real music a chance. You listen to garbage your thought process changes into baby food – mush. Try some Marvin, Otis, some Sam Cooke. And do me a favor.”

In my peripherals I could see her wrapping herself in the towel. I raised my eyebrows, then eyes, then head, and replied, “Yes?”

“Bring me some wine?”

I nodded, eyes back on the floor, backing up, then turning away. She slammed the door behind me. 

I asked myself over and over, again what had just happened. Telling myself to hurry up, my feet moving me at the pace of a mummy until finally, I stood staring at the wine rack. For several seconds, I stood holding a burgundy bottle. In the glass, I saw not only her body: this bare rose, covered in dew. Her ribs were showing, and she was even smaller than when she had first arrived weeks ago. Only until she spoke, did she remind me of her ascendency. Small, she was not; she was a lioness. I was the mouse.

Eager to get back to her, to look into those eyes, which had looked at me almost as if they expected me, I knocked on the bathroom door. Taking a step back, looking under the door, I noticed the light was off. I turned, and clutching the bottle with both hands, as if the lioness would come pouncing – no, stalking, walking low to the ground, sizing me up in the corner of the hallway.

Monroe’s door was open, but I kept my head down as I knocked. She groaned, mumbled something, and I heard her bed squeak. Her eyes were closed, and for some reason I wanted to tip-toe. As I walked heedfully, she cleared her throat. I stopped.

Monroe frowned, “What are you –”

“You asked for this?”

“I know.” Monroe smiled, her eyes were closed.

She wore a satin bathrobe, which was an earth-copper color. I couldn’t tell where her skin began and the robe ended without staring too hard. I knew I was staring too hard. Taking my focus off of her skin, I eyed the cigar and incense burning side by side on her nightstand.

She chuckled as she spoke, “I was thinking – saying – before you tried to finish my sentence: once again you’re in my room all sweaty.”

Was I sweating?

“Hand me those.” She pointed to a prescription bottle. “Were you working out?”

I looked down at myself; I’d forgotten my shirt had been discarded at the front door. Handing her the bottle of pills and wine I said, “I was playing ball.”

“Dominique, you’re built like a gladiator. What’s your little girlfriend’s name? Is she tall? What grade is she in? I heard you’ve been job hopping. What is it you do, now?”

“I don’t have a girl in a grade. I’m almost twenty-four years old. A college graduate, Monroe.”

She hadn’t opened her eyes, yet I could feel them looking down on me. Why did she keep talking to me about my parents, lunch money, forgettable jobs and little girlfriends.

Preorder Like Shards of Glass 

As I prepare for the August 21 release, I am really grateful for those who have take the time to read and let me know what they thought of Like Shards of Glass. Today, I will be sharing a few of the advanced reviews … Don’t forget to preorder your copy here: **

Like Shards of Glass

Andria (Military Spouse Book Review)

What a story! — very well-written. Much deeper and more psychological than I had expected! I am about 180 pages in and very curious to see where this all is going to go.  😉


Ava Easterby

“Shards of Glass is Ramsey’s most beautifully written novel to date. But don’t let the beauty of her prose fool you – this is not a happy novel full of happy characters. The word that comes to mind is “volatile.” The characters are volatile, their pasts are volatile, and the situation is volatile. These elements combine to create a roiling cesspool of emotions that leave the reader wincing as they wait for it all to boil over.
I have to admit the characters in Shards are not likable. Monroe and Dominique have a constant push-and-pull relationship that will make you want to slap them both, and Karter, Monroe’s son, stubbornly conceals his feelings about everything. But it wouldn’t be a RH Ramsey novel if you didn’t go through an array of grunts, sighs, and face-palms, and, at this point, I wouldn’t expect anything less.”


Barbara Goldie (formerly a reviewer with ‘The Kindle Review’)

  R H Ramsey can certainly tell a story.  Her characters are so well drawn and I really thought Munroe and Dominique and the other characters came to life on the page.  Issues that are normally skirted around are dealt with head on but sensitively, and the storylines show that she has carried out wide ranging research before embarking on the novel. The plot lines are well written and very true to life.  The descriptions are very detailed and capture the scene vividly in the readers head.  Lines like ‘The silence was cold, creating an ice surface on every wall, giving myself, my boys, and anyone who visited, frostbite’ stay in the mind long after the story has ended.  The descriptions also create a great sense of time and place and combined with the gritty dialogue, which splits up the text nicely, present a well crafted story.   Best wishes Barbara Shards promo 4 ***   Like Shards of Glass by R.H. Ramsey   Publication Date: TBD   In one fell swoop, Monroe’s husband devastated her. In a shooting rampage he took several innocent lives including three of her sons. Involving herself with a 24-year-old is perhaps not her best option especially when her surviving son needs her so desperately. “Like Shards of Glass” is a tale of love, loss, betrayal and murder.   shards promo 1 The author, R.H. Ramsey, gave me a copy of this novel in exchange for my review.     Ramsey said that “Like Shards of Glass” was a short story that took on a life of its own. In reading this story, I wondered where she planned to stop. Any missing piece of this emotional and tragic tale would have been a loss. Ramsey alternates POV between Monroe, the twenty-four year old Dominique and Monroe’s surviving son, Karter. The first hand tale of each player gives us his or her perspective on his or her past and present and soul deep fears and sorrow. As usual with Ramsey’s work, the inner workings of the characters are profound and perhaps rather inevitable. “Like Shards of Glass” takes Ramsey into the thriller genre illustrating that this author clearly owns whatever she wants to write.   Monroe is a deeply complex character. She was trapped in a relationship with a man on the edge and when he cracked, he did it in the most devastating way possible. Monroe’s curse is that Carter left her to live. She, in a lot of ways, has given up and Domnique is her enabler in the quest of forgetting. She’s on board for alcohol, drugs and sex. Whatever makes her forget works for this character. Monroe skates the thin line between sex, drugs and danger for the rare chance to feel something. Dominque describes her as a butterfly, which is descriptive of her characters interaction in the story itself.   Karter is bred in a family whose daily life is violence. His father, Carter, lost mental footholds and Karter knew early on that he was losing himself. In a flashback scene, Carter humiliates his son in front ofrelatives and friends and Karter punishes those bystanders for being there when the embarrassment happens. Monroe is horrified by Carter holds her back laughing off the violence. This scene especially defines what the character becomes for the reader and what he struggles to fight. Ramsey sets a character for us that could truly go either way and in so doing sets a tense feel. This is an author who writes for her story and takes drastic risks that won’t appeal to all audiences but readers cannot deny are brilliantly reasoned and plotted.   In common with Ramsey’s other work is that this story provides character studies of its subjects. These are wholly developed characters with defined dysfunction.  None of the focal characters are good for each other and within their experiences together they either grow of refine their inability to come together as a viable support system.   As always, Ramsey gives us characters that we could be passing in daily life. It is not difficult to imagine Keith Morrison of Dateline giving the background of this story in his dramatic cadence and intonation. I have always been a fan of this author but the development of the plot is an uncharacteristic delight.  I love psychological thrillers and “Like Shards of Glass” is such extremes of the human experience and general engaging dysfunction that I would mark this novel at the top the genre. Rabid Readers Reviews  *** Shards promo 5 LIKE SHARDS OF GLASS RH RAMSEY (READ MAR 15, 2014) Beauty in pain is how I would briefly describe this novel. Tragedy clouds the entire story and I found myself on edge trying to figure out how all of these characters were going to cope or explode. The lead character of Monroe haunted me from her first scene and continues to haunt me long after I read the book. How do you survive the worst thing that has ever happened to you? That is what I constantly asked myself as the book and her pain was laid before us like a beautiful tapestry. So many aspects of her are shattered and although she is trying to pull them together you can easily see that the deck is stacked against her. The characters of Dominique and Karter remind me of two sides of the same coin. Both trying to prove themselves in very different ways. Both labeled by the women that influence and control them even though they are desperate to be their own men. Dominique appealed to me because even though he is strong he has a vulnerability you don’t often see in men. I gave this book 5 stars because even the satellite characters were interesting and an integral part of the plot. I was left fulfilled and sated with this tale and hopeful that if there is a continuation it will further project the mastery that the author has displayed in this first foray into these characters lives. Author Andrea Cunningham



  “Life runs rampant and parallel to fragile in another thoughtful read by RH Ramsey. Its a slow walk from edge of insanity and back against the wall fight for control and power. How do you pretend all is normal when you are the family of a murderer? Like Shards of Glass is essentially the story of two surviving members of a family, torn apart by the mortally destructive act of one selfish person. They must try to find love and respect for each other as the fragments of what remains, crumbles around them. Ramsey, as usual, adds so many layers to her tale, and dark tunnels to climb out, that you are constantly entertained and surprised by the weaving together of each character’s representation in the drama. A highly recommended read.”– Ey Wade


The scariest aspect of this book is not the glimpse of the horror that sent this woman and all in her periphery spiraling out of control, it is not the documented abuse that made her doubt herself, her sanity or her self-worth. It is the intimate look at the ever-linked travelers on the path to self-destruction, examining their links, their choices, even the cobbled moments which define that path. Three will go down that road of despair, obsession and addiction. How many will return? ~ Inknbeans Press Like Shards of Glass now available for Preorder



1. I was very inspired by thoughts as simple and terrifying as: We are all potentially one step away from losing it all, one bad choice from addiction, one bad day away from losing ourselves.

2. I kept James Blake, ‘Retrograde’, and James Blake,’Case of you’, on repeat. There were a handful of artists, including Miguel and Raised by Swans, but for some reason, these two songs were at the top of my list.


3. I love TCM, love classic movies, and I watched a lot of black and white films around the time I began writing this book. Why were they inspiring? Well, because many of my more intimate scenes were conceptualized  wanting to create something that was not forced, but was felt — because of anticipation and leaving things to the imagination.

In classic movies, if there was intimacy, viewers were drawn in, aware of what happened, and blushed as the scene faded to black. Then, the unmade bed, disheveled hair, and morning after, made it quite evident what had happened. Again, this inspired me to write intimate scenes that were slow-building and sensual, but not egregious or offensive.

4. Since my first two published novels were written a decade ago, I wanted to give readers a different side of me. I was also really excited to apply what I have learned over the past two years.

I drew inspiration from one of my newer novels, unpublished, which also involves addiction and co-dependence, and planned to write a short story. As I wrote it, I realized that maybe it would be a novella. But instead, Like Shards of Glass became a novel (I think it’s a bit on the short side.)

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