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In case you missed it, here is the Just Beneath the Surface II summary:

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Just Beneath the Surface II

In Just Beneath the Surface II, new characters confront what has been buried and laid to rest – or so they thought.

 Landon, a mysterious engineering student has learned to treat his past as though it belongs to someone else. He has learned to control every thought that enters his mind: everything from his memories, to his smile, to the tone of his voice. Anyone who believes that they have begun to understand Landon is sadly mistaken. He is a man impenetrable.

 His own brother, Peter, refers to Landon as a robot. Landon’s mother fears that he will soon self-destruct. Landon only wishes that everyone around him would accept and understand one thing; Landon has unlocked what he considers his most prized possession: the gift of control.

 Seven is a peculiar beauty whose temper, harsh tongue and violent tendencies often get her into trouble. After meeting Landon, Seven finds her way into unchartered territory: his heart. Soon, Seven’s perception of herself is challenged. She is frequently urged to step away and reevaluate herself, as the handsome young man who is wise beyond his years gently coaches her into finding her best self.

 As secrets are revealed, and an unspoken bond is formed, Landon and Seven grow to be inseparable.

 Before long, the horrors of the past bring Landon full circle. As his soft stoic surface faces intrusion, his old self is relinquished to paranoia.

 In time, Landon’s world is threatened by the recurring nightmare he thought he had left behind.


Please stay tuned, I will be sharing more details about my book, Into the atmosphere and my first children’s book I am special because I am Ty (with Illustrations by Ey Wade).