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Hello, all!
Thanks for joining me in day four of my week long re-release shenanigans! I will start by sharing an excerpt from a guest post with nextgenmilspouse, which I am very excited about :

Toward the end of 2004, one year after becoming a military spouse, I had begun to adjust to a new city: Abilene, Tx. I had my daughter at the end of 2005. I knew instantly, that I would be a stay at home mother, and I dedicated my life to my family. And although seeing every first step, hearing every first word, has been a blessing which I am forever grateful, I realized that I was missing something — I had forgotten about taking the time to daydream.

One afternoon, I sat down at our computer, turned on some music, and that year — 2005 — I completed my first novel. After writing my first novel, I realized that that for me, writing and storytelling are the essence of me. Despite my aversion to sharing what I had written to anyone outside of my immediate family, I knew deep down, that I was cultivating a piece of me, that deserved to be fostered.

Eight years and two children later, I have learned, that taking the time to do something that I enjoy, the sense of completion, writing something that could potentially touch someone’s life, became my driving force. I am learning to balance the military lifestyle, marriage, the demands of parenthood, my insecurities, writing, keeping up with my websites, and school.

Check out the rest of the article I had the pleasure of writing for the lovely folks over at nextgenmilspouse


With finding balance and finding peace, comes knowing yourself and being comfortable with those things (even the silly things) that make you you.

Here are a few of those things:

1. I published and unpublished my novel, Where were you, (the prequel to Fountains) maybe 4 or 5 times, before taking it offline. If you ask me why, I could only shrug and say: “I really don’t know. It just made me nervous.”

2. Poor sense of direction. Actually none. I have no sense of direction.

3. Between the hours of 11 pm and 3 am, I am wide awake, and at my most creative.

4. When it comes to writing, I am a bit scandalous, unable to be faithful. For me, there’s no such thing as writing one book at a time.

As I’m writing, my wandering eye leads my heart elsewhere (to start or finish writing other books) and I am likely going back and forth to avoid writer’s block. I am going back and forth because this (somehow) really helps me delve into what I am doing.

5. Umm .. I “liked” my own facebook author page  ..

.. And that’s about all I can think of, for now. Oh, one more thing!

6. Tomorrow, Just Beneath the Surface will be free on Smashwords, for 1 day only.

So please, join me, tomorrow, the last day of my week long re-release celebration, and pick up your free copy of Just Beneath the Surface!