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Roses From Stones

Roses from Stones is a compilation of poetry experiments that can challenge its reader to take a closer look at oneself. Roses from Stones is the epitome of expression in someone trying to outgrow and resign their own personal demons. These personal demons can be anything from physical ailments, handling relationships and juggling imperfections. The idea of this experiment is to motivate individuals to rise above adversity, to be confident, and to face whatever challenges present and passed.


The Artist:

Earth tone yellow and orange, filling my heart; brown and red sifting through the art.

My stainless thoughts wrapped strategically in the swirls …”


Roses from Stones:

“Fingers to pen, pen to page

She will banish all lies made of empty; she has become bare from chains of rage

Sweet roses from stone, melodies from rain …”


A More Weakened Me:

” .. Just as crippling as dark and blinding night

Can’t move two feet ahead without feeling held back

Like a two edged sword piercing the depths of my heart

I am bleeding in large sums of disappointment …”


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Bookworm’s Nook:

an avid reader’s perspective

Hello and welcome, Donesha!!

Would you like to share a bit about yourself?

My name is Donesha Thompson and I am the author of Roses from Stones, just published in January. Roses From Stones allows the reader to examine surroundings and one’s innerself.

The upcoming project I am working on is another poetry experiment, and that is Nature’s Own

What is your favorite thing about reading?

I love reading because it allows me to see through the eyes of characters I probably would never meet.

What are your favorite genres and why?

I love romance because it has to do with love. I am a huge fan of happy endings and romance gives me that most of the time.

Do you prefer paperback books, e-books or both? Why?

I am o.k. with both paperbacks and e-books, but my doctor and my eyes tell me paperbacks are best

What, in your opinion, makes a writer one of “the greats?”

A great writer is meek, and isn’t afraid to stop and smell the roses for fear of being odd or too emotional.

What types of characters do you find yourself relating to more than others when reading?

I find myself relating more with the underdog. The person that happens to always be in turmoil at the hands of others.

Are there books that you find yourself revisiting? (Either in your mind or literally picking up the book
to reread it again and again).

Definitely The Wedding

Has a book ever brought you to tears? If so, what book and why?

The Notebook brought me to tears, because it was so relateable, in that young love sometimes can never go away.

Do you ever find yourself more connected with the darker characters/antagonists in the books you

There were times I connected more with a darker character. An example of this would be Christian in Where Were You. He wasn’t necessarily dark, but he had some tendencies that some would consider dark.

If you could introduce two characters from two different books you have read, who would they be and

I would introduce Jane Wilson (The Wedding) because she is such a trooper. She is married to someone that has betrayed her countless times, but it did not bring her to ruins. She rose above it all. Another character I would introduce would be Diana Foster  (Remember When) She is another courageous woman who always tried to herd her family in the right direction.

What is one book you wish you could see on the big screen? What books, in your opinion, were better as books, not so much movies?

I think Of Mice and Men was better as a book than a movie. It was harder to follow on the screen

 Think of your favorite book (or one of your favorites):

What songs would you consider the perfect play list for this/these book(s)? Notebook… song: Love and War or Nuclear by Destiny’s Child

If you could star in the movie adaptation of your favorite book, who would your co-stars be? Co Stars would be Morris Chestnut,

Nicole Kidman and Will Smith

Bonus question: What is the quirkiest thing about you as a creative soul?!

I like exploring multiple meanings of single words

Please be sure and visit amazon, where Donesha’s debut poetry book, Roses from Stones is currently available!

Roses From Stones

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Where were you Chronicles: Dylan’s Diary

‘Where were you?’ character Dylan’s thoughts

After work the other day, I noticed an airplane flying by. Then, for a split second, the sunlight was gone.

For some reason, I panicked. I panick a lot lately. I feel like everything is caving in, closing in, taking me under. I know why; it’s the memories. My spirit has been taken over, my mind is not my own, nothing adds up. The guilt overwhelms me. Feeling weak infuriates me.

When the sunlight, when reality, when everything that makes sense goes away, for that split second, I’m lost in a dark place. I don’t allow it to keep me down, but when it takes hold, I know what it is and I fight it. But am I really fighting it by “fighting” it?

It’s like I know it’s winning, because who wins a fight by running? Confronting nothing? Hiding and pretending? That’s me. She who crumbled, hides and pretends. She who waits for the panic, the darkness, to pass.

And it does; the sun breaks through.

I see the sun, and I can breathe, again …


Unmistakable Truly

As isolated terrain becomes plateaus and plateaus become mountains, still I stand. And all that I see is grand.

I sway. And all that I feel I I feel that I’ve stored, and for years to come I’ll replay

In my recesses, I’ll play. Like a child, all alone, I discover,  ascend and descend the purlieus of temporary trails

No, lies aren’t so frail. Not when the truth hurts and through disingenuous smiles, the path is derailed

Eventually, I’m stuck between walls of stone on either side of my temple. Running toward lights of dissension at a pace that shames me

So cold and closed in – I’m frozen; just frame me, cage me, hang me overhead like decoration then point and blame me.

But never will you stop my heart and thoughts from racing. Long gone was I, long before these walls thought to chase me

Before time can get ready, I am then granulated like that of a cane, but instead of sweet, I become bitter to the taste

Oh, time -so displaced. Oh night – so misplaced. My sight left this place for as bitter as I’ve become, at least I’ll never see hells face

I’ve been pierced far too many times to pass  my medal to beasts of gully

Instead, I will be that miraculous desolate plain that morphs from plateau to mountain … unmovable, unmistakable truly.


Donesha and Rhonda




After a brief hiatus, as I have been catching up on editing and preparing  two of my books for submission to publishers, while Donesha has been preparing to self publish a book of poetry, we are excited to resume with the Where were you chronicles.

In this series of snippets combined with poetry, the lives of the characters in Where were you (a prequel to Fountains) will be shared  bi-weekly.

Just Beneath the Surface II is currently being edited, and I am excited to be closer to publishing it, as Just Beneath the Surface II and Fountains are (probably) the last novels that I will self-publish.

Stay tuned for more information on Donesha’s book of poetry!

A beautiful poem by Donesha Thompson. In this poem, Donesha shares what she calls a fleeting thought: “when life gets tough and burdensome, remember, burdens are not for us to have …

Plant yourself into the grainy sands of the captivating sea shore.
Toss your pennies abroad and watch them let gravity open the door.
Dive in to see if you can then find them in the murky waters.
Senseless to think you’d find any traces of copper.
Gentle waves bring you to an abrupt stop because you’re now relaxed by them.
You let nature engulf you, and you forget life is grim.


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Donesha Thompson&RH Ramsey

When young, I waited for my treasures: my crowning glory – my body’s miraculous rite of passage – key to womanhood –
I’d examine them in the mirror, non-existent, hidden under a sweatshirt with a hood

I watched them scrupulously
I wondered what they would be …

Tiny diamond tear drops – like the older girls at school? Mangos – like those of my older sisters? Mountains majestic, like those of the women on my mother’s side of the family?
Anxiously, I waited, and it seemed that overnight, like two gifts, they came to be

I finally had them, and for awhile, I walked with my head held high.
And soon, I giggled as my little sisters and their friends poked out their chests and waited for their own buds to form and rise

Years passed …

Wedding gowns …

Miracles were born …

Appointments missed

Family came first …
And suddenly, these treasures were no longer treasures – these lumps – were my curse

It couldn’t be more real…but I refuse to accept this – aimless – I am walking into my own destiny..resenting it with every fading piece of me. Why me? Why a lump? A cut? An incision? Excision?

No happiness lives here…his face is blank, and already, my face has disapeared into history..a procedure does not calm or ease the hurricane casting down on my home -my family

I have already begun to be yanked from the arms of my loved ones, who have no idea…

When our hearts meet, their spirits will cry for me in the wee hours of the night…

This is a kill shot of agony thru the depths of my soul..

For how can I reason with such a serial killer?

My despair has caused me to forget the fighter and winner – the conqueror that I am…

I can’t let the enemy win…my flesh may be dying but my energy and hunger for survival will not…

it is with my children and those who will never cast me out of memory..I will live on and I am strong…

No serial killer, no hurricane, no more of me will fade; let me enjoy these moments; let the sunlight dance upon me

I am majestic, a diamond, a rose, a treasure … I will live on

Pleasant One:  ode to Earth

by Donesha Thompson

Radiate me,  oh pleasant One
Nourish me with your gentleness

It gives me such joy to surround myself with what You have sowed

My eyes, they gaze over flats of Dutch Amaryllas, Alpinias and Birds of Paradise

So peaceful they are

For my eyes, You have put them there, why else would they exist?

It is my responsibility to protect them

Everything that surrounds and is bound to them

Without my help, they can wither away; I will be more content if they stay

What can I do to make sure they are never obsolete?

A new concept has risen

I can rally my kind to show appreciation for the pleasant One that nourishes me

To preserve the appendages of the gentle One

Let us then, throw away our trash, and be a little kinder to the Earth which supplies our air for free.


Donesha Thompson


My Dear Earth,

As a child, I was much more aware of you. I was much more in tune with the whispers of your winds. I dropped my umbrella and enjoyed the tickle of your mist. I rushed to the backyard to play in the warmth of your sunshine. Most of all, my favorite thing to do: to bundle up like a marshmallow, and wander about in the quiet of  your snowflakes.

baby steps

As a little one, I learned to turn off the water while brushing my teeth. I was eager to pick up trash,  “stop the litter bugs,” recycle and participate in earth day.

Now,  I wonder why as an adult, I no longer make time to stop and smell your sweet roses and honeysuckle. With my bare feet, I want to feel your grass so soft, so supple and serene.

I want to gaze down at my reflexion in hidden ponds, run my fingers over the ripples of your water. I want to remember the way, while sitting in the shadow of your trees, you made sure and send a breeze that seemed to be just for me. Because now, I am in such a hurry, that I no longer make it a necessity to stop and keep you pure.

We have been blessed with you; yet we do not always take the time to reciprocate your graciousness. With your subtle and not so subtle cries, I am slow to take heed, but as I imagine life without the simple pleasures and great wonders, I finally hear you.

If a stranger came into my home, and threw his garbage on my floor, what would I do?

If my own child dropped her trash on the floor, what would I say?

If the water in my faucet were filled with empty bottles or waste, what would my reaction be?

As I gauge my reaction to the pollution of the home I have been blessed with, I could do better about my reaction to the pollution of the world I call home.

I wish I could promise you an immediate change. I wish I could tell you I am ready to give you one hundred percent. I will not lie; I am ready to do my part, but I only know how to take baby steps.

I have to start somewhere, therefore, I vow, Earth, to take baby steps.
Here are some simple tips (many of them are from an awesome site called :

  • Make time to spend more time outdoors, whether exercising, meditating, listening to music, visiting with friends, writing in your journal

This may become a positive habit and something that we look forward to, causing us to become more aware of the peace fresh air brings.

  • back to basics: think of the simple things we learned as children.

Things like turning of the water while brushing our teeth (using less water in general whenever possible)

  • Recycling
  • How about a reusable water bottle, instead of expensive plastic water bottles
  • turn your computer (completely) off at night
  • stop unsolicited mail
  • pay your bills online
  • Plant trees!!!

The visual:


go green go

For GREAT money saving tips:

If anyone has made huge strides toward protecting our Earth and has tips to share with those of us who are making babysteps, please share. If anyone is new to making conscious efforts toward protecting Earth, please share your ideas as well!

25“Therefore I tell you, do not worry about your life, what you will eat or drink; or about your body, what you will wear. Is not life more important than food, and the body more important than clothes?

26“Look at the birds of the air; they do not sow or reap or store away in barns, and yet your heavenly Father feeds them. Are you not much more valuable than they? 27Who of you by worrying can add a single hour to his life? 28And why do you worry about clothes? See how the lilies of the field grow. They do not labor or spin. 29