Confession: I drown my sorrows …

If I’m anxious or sad, I look forward to art. If I am unsure, I create. If I am too tired to think clearly, I daydream about art. I do … and I’m not sorry. I  drown my sorrows in art and creativity. drownsorrows

My latest project, (my children’s book, which I wrote 2 years ago, and am now going through editing) is keeping my perfectly focused on … staying distracted and out of my head.

Thanks, author/illustrator Ey Wade, for beautiful artwork!

Sneak Peek:


art from “I am Special because I am Ty”

  1. Beautiful, Isola. Best wishes on your children’s book. I’d love to have you on mine and my daughter’s blog, to talk about your book and/or do a cover reveal, if you’d like. It’s so true that art is a way to healing and peace. I’m learning this.

    ~ Laurie Kozlowski

    • That would be amazing. Thank you, Laurie. Once we start on the cover, I’ll select a date. Excited!!

      It really is healing. (Art)

      • Wonderful! Sounds like a plan.

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