#WhyIStayed: This is my #inspiration

Quick post. Short and sweet:

People are so busy jumping down women’s throats, that I can’t even stomach it. There’s no way to justify (in general) the things abusers do, just to feel big and bad, or to heal their voids. And right now, I’m not talking about “provoking”. Not talking about how it’s wrong of a woman to hit a man or spit on him etc. All I’m saying, is that I hope and pray, one day, people will let go of remarks like: “Why did she stay?” “Why does she go back and forth?” “Who is stupid enough to marry and have children with someone who verbally/physically abuses him/her?”

If you take a moment, before blurting this out, you’d realize, this helps no one. And if you’re not speaking in an effort to motivate or inspire men/women to leave these situations, and you’re speaking with no sort of empathy, then why speak at all? I’ll leave you with this: ABUSERS PUT JUST AS MUCH ENERGY INTO BRAINWASHING, MANIPULATING, AND ISOLATING, AS THEY DO PHYSICALLY AND VERBALLY ATTACKING.

My inspiration struck me like a lightning bolt almost a decade ago, and it is the reason why I write: I noticed that many people were judging the woman who chose not to leave, assuming that she was weak, or saying that she deserved to suffer, if she was not ‘smart’ enough to leave. In my opinion, through everything that happens in life, we have to remember to relate to one another; that is what inspired my novel, Just Beneath the Surface.

The things being said bothered me, but the fact that those ideas were a misunderstanding, more than anything, inspired me. If I could change just one point of view, I thought to myself. This is when I created the first main character: a strong, confident woman named Kendall, who stumbles into a relationship that literally brings her face to face with death. I wanted to show the gradual transformation from Kendall’s initial confidence, to her frequently questioning herself, second guessing her instincts, then eventually losing her voice, and the essence of who she is.

quotekendallrecite-17934-1456724541-1e9am9q quotesand-when-you-stayed quotAt-least-he-apologizedQuotesCover-pic85death q-whatif-recite-625-661272602-ktt9ec thatfeelingwhen3  Just Beneath the Surface (Amazon)


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