“What he found there consumed them both ..”

Her life was a nightmare.
… But she didn’t want to be saved.

He wanted inside of her mind.
.. What he found there, consumed them both.
Like Shards of Glass (Amazon)

Chapter 8
Dominique: Stockings and things

She grabbed of my shirt, nicking my chest with her nails, and said: “Look at me!” Her voice was shrill, eyes glassy.
She was breaking my heart. I murmured, “Lower your voice. You don’t want this – these people to think you’re losing it.”
“I am!” she screamed. “And it’s the best thing I’ve felt in a long, long time! Losing it is me. I am losing it. I’m gone. She’s gone! I’m already gone! I’m – ”
Unable to handle her, her voice, her eyes in the flickering florescent lights, the pain, I snapped. I covered her mouth and backed her into the wall with tears in my eyes. “Stop it,” I whispered.
For some reason, I couldn’t bring myself to take my hand from her mouth. And as she stared up at me, still clutching my t-shirt, her eyes glassy, my eyes filling with tears, I noticed both of us were out of breath, panting so deeply, I hardly heard the knocking on the door …


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