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Giveaway Update!!

To celebrate the ‘Like Shards of Glass’ release, I am giving away print books, e-books, bookmarks, and a $10 gift card.

But my favorite item, has to be the Shard themed jewelry, handmade, and absolutely STUNNING!!!

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Just Beneath the Surface Excerpt:

I held on to my box and before I could blink Spencer took the box from my arms and took my wrists in his massive hands, hands that had slammed, choked, grabbed, beaten and slapped me. Why did I have to let those hands touch me? Why was I staring at him and watching him touch me? Those mean punishing hands. Those violent raging fists. But not now — now they were so gentle. They massaged my hands so tenderly it practically tickled. He ran his fingers up and down the inside of my left arm and shook his head as tears streamed down his cheeks.

Why had I not pulled away? What kind of sick gluten for punishment was I? Rationale, which for me happened to be bloody memories, flooded my mind. Just as I managed to think a sound thought and attempted to take my arms away from his tender touch, he moved up to my collar bone, then my face. His fingertips began apologizing, grazing over my cheeks. He closed his eyes and stepped toward me until our bodies touched. He kept walking toward me until we were both against the wall. He then buried his face in my blouse as he began to weep.

“I’m so sorry,” he whimpered. “Do you understand me? I’m so, so sorry.” He held my face in his hands.

My heart pounded. My chest hurt. How could I go? But how could I possibly stay? I could not push him away if I wanted. Not with the way I felt when he looked at me this way, touched me this way. Apologized with his fingertips. Despised what he had done with every aching breath he drew.

His eyes saw so deep into me I could hardly stand it. He knew I would stay. It scared me to think that he had this hold over me. I had never in my life been the type of woman who would endure something like this. But I was so connected to him that I could not see clearly.

Moments later, he swept me up into his arms as he gazed into my eyes and carried me out of the bathroom. He and I lay in bed where he promised me he would change. He made love to me and cried as he swore to me he would never let his past haunt our relationship again. And I believed him.

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