Book Review: R.H. Ramsey’s ‘Like Shards of Glass’

An amazing analysis of ‘Like Shards of Glass’

I cannot thank ‘The Military Spouse Book Review’ enough for taking the time to read and give such a detailed, thought-provoking review.

The Military Spouse Book Review

One of the joys of starting this blog has been learning about military spouses who write. I feel like taking to the streets, a la Paul Revere: “The mil spouses are writing! The mil spouses are writing!”

In recent weeks, I’ve found two little pieces of treasure that I’d like to share with you, each different and worthwhile in its own way: Stephanie Carroll’s historical novel, A White Room (set in early-1900s Missouri) and R.H. Ramsey’s Like Shards of Glass, a dark, modern, psychological tale of loss and addiction. I am reviewing them both here, creating my own mini “Mil Spouses Who Write Week,” starting with Like Shards of Glass.

Please see the two posts following this one for 1) an interview with Shards of Glass author R.H. Ramsey and 2) a review of Stephanie Carroll’s A White Room.

Book Review: Like Shards of Glass by R.H…

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