Did you enter, yet? No worries. Plenty of time. >> Like Shards of Glass Giveaway 

And don’t forget, Just Beneath the Surface is free on Amazon!!

And don’t forget to stop by Smashwords and download Just Beneath the Surface FREE!!!


IMG_20140806_142904_175 IMG_20140806_142856_213

*A ten dollar Amazon gift certificate

*Unique “shard” themed jewelry, handmade by my cousin, Megan Henderson

*FOR AUTHORS: A pre-made book cover by Laura Wright LaRoche

*1 free signed print book (by me … hope that’s okay? I’ve been told Like shards of Glass and Undone are pretty good reads. Oops! Cat’s out of the bag. 2 signed print books. Dangit.)

*Lots of free ebooks (By who? Well, by as many authors as I can gather to participate in this giveaway. So far, there are about dozen!! 🙂 )



*2 free GIANT bookmarks





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