Why do I write what I do?

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My very talented writerly friend, author Julie Frayn, invited me to participate in a blog hop. When you get a chance, check out her books:  Mazie Baby, It isn’t cheating if he’s dead, and Suicide City.

A bit about Julie:

“My one hope is that when I spread my wings and take this leap, my feathers catch air and I will soar.  Or at least not crash to the ground in a heap of twisted bird’s feet with my beak disjointed and sitting askew atop a pile of broken wings, while feathers float down and bury the remains of my dreams.”

Now for the blog hop! I’m going  to answer the four questions below, then in a couple of weeks, two more authors will post and answer the questions. Ready? Here goes!!

1. What am I working on?

Always an exciting question!

I know I’ve been saying this for a while, now, but I am currently working on my children’s book. The story was written in 2012, and at this time, Author/illustrator Ey Wade is putting together some beautiful sketches. I will take this time to polish it up. I am also preparing my novel, Like Shards of Glass, for publishing.

2. How does my work differ from others in its genre?

Honestly? Art is art, and it’s just a matter of preference.  My work probably doesn’t differ from other writers’ books, and that’s not why I write. I don’t write to compete, or prove that I can do it better. I just want to share a piece of me – that’s the only true difference, I suppose.

3. Why do I write what I do?

In short, I’ve always been attracted to picking apart the tough, dark, misunderstood topics. To bring illumination to these topics, would mean shedding light on those who are struggling, or have convinced themselves that they are alone – this is why I write, this is my passion 🙂


4. How does my writing process work?

I really wouldn’t consider it a process. Sigh. But I’ll give you a brief description.

1. A conversation (or observation of dynamics between a group or couple), mental illness, unhealthy situations, what ifs, spark a flood of thoughts: Brainstorming.

2. I take my time imagining the characters who’d bring the above situation to life. What does he or she look like? Hair color, eye color, bodyshape and stature, etc …

3. I dream day and night of the vocal intonation, ideals, facial expressions, scents, disposition, and everything that makes a character who he/she is.

4. I bring the emotional and physical aspects together, and it’s almost as if I can hear the character’s thoughts, conversations, and disagreements.

5. Somewhere between physical attributes and personality traits, I begin jotting down notes and emailing/text messaging them to myself.

6. The book title.

7. The book cover, which inspires me to focus and finish.

8. When it flows, I begin pouring words onto the page, and developing beginning, middle, and end – and not in that order.

9. The last part, is probably naming the chapters, and writing the first chapter.


Are you ready to meet the next two authors? I think you’ll be pleased with their work – and they’re pretty friendly, too 🙂

Marc Horn 

Marc was brought up in Dartford, England. Nothing much happened there – landing a job as a banana packer was the highlight – so he spent most of his time lost in his imagination.
Seeking change, he became an airborne soldier (not airborne germ, as a friend once called him) and had to parachute out of the first plane he ever went in. The boring days were over!

He’s drawn to stories of hardship and survival. Carlin announcing he’s ‘The Daddy’ in Scum; Brendan fighting for his family in Warrior; David searching for answers in Vanilla Sky.

Marc doesn’t hold back when he writes. Much of his work contains black humour. Some might call it a sick sense of humour, but whatever it is you had to have it in the army – you laughed or you cried.

He’s into writing psychological thrillers that are a bit different. He likes to depict thought-provoking, controversial situations and in some cases to make people more aware of uncomfortable but important topics.

Marc has published two novels. THE MORTAL RELIGION has been awarded Rabid Reader’s Best Books of 2013; E-thriller’s Thriller of the Month in April 2013, and is also listed on 42 Books to Love for Towel Day. PERSONA is an Amazon number 1 bestselling psychological thriller. CUFFED, his most ambitious project, will be released in the summer.

He loves sixties music and studying lyrics, meditation, skiing, off-road cycling, repairing bikes, martial arts and chess.


Ey Wade

Ey Wade is the single parent of three awesome young women, whom she home-schooled into college and the grandmother, ‘Lovey’ of a little boy. Ey likes to say of herself Knowing me as a writer and author is like cracking an egg’s shell in the air and wondering how far the splatter will spread.” She is currently the author of nine books written through various genres’.
Product Details
Ey’s first book with her publisher, Inknbeans Press, is her YA thriller, D.N.A.  Nothing Would Ever Be The Same.  She’s also written a fascinating study of racial and cultural contributions to the revolution and evolution of the United States, Beads On a String, as well as a children’s series, In My Sisters World, and has recently started a chick-lit series of the intertwined lives of several women called Yes, Sam Takes Care of Me.



  1. A children’s book! Lovely. I wrote for children when my children were, well, children. But nothing published, just silly poetry and one little story that I would love to have see the light of day sometime. Maybe later. Love your process! I email myself too 🙂

    • Yay for emailing ourselves! 🙂

      See, I never knew that you’d written children’s books. Isn’t it interesting that writers who conjure up such dark stories would also write children’s books? Haha

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