My Interview with Willow’s Author Love Blog

*Tell us about what you write. How many novels have you written? Do you have any novels coming up?
I have written novels ranging from YA to family sagas; from abuse and dysfunctional relationships to addiction.
Since I started writing in high school, and didn’t actually finish those stories, I of course don’t count those as completed works. But around nineteen or twenty-years-old, I began finishing what I started, and even with those novels, when I go back through them, they do not reflect me as a writer now, (they need heavy editing and re-writes) so I don’t count those as completed. That said, probably have over a dozen completed novels, but only half of them are books I would share or publish.
The books I have self-published (then later published with Inknbeans Press) are Just Beneath the Surface, Just Beneath the Surface: Landon’s Story, and Undone.
My latest novel, Like Shards of Glass, is now available for preorder on Smashwords. Here’s the synopsis:
Beauty, pain, drugs, sex: repeat. Monroe Song, who considers herself nothing more than the wife of a terrorist, is struggling, failing, and drowning, trying to find her place in a world that has left her at the brink of insanity: Her husband, Carter, has opened fire at a mental health facility, before turning the ruthless gun on his sons, then himself.

Emptied wine bottles, and pills which bring her no relief or comfort, drive Monroe into the arms of Dominique, a man half her age, who offers her the perfect anecdote for her brokenness.

Monroe’s oldest son, Karter, once idolized his father. Karter is now haunted by his father’s face, words, and the massacre that is now his family legacy.

If Karter’s hero is a monster, a terrorist, who brutally murdered innocent people, what does that make Karter?

How can Monroe and Karter move forward when life has forgotten them? Then, again, with everything so distorted, why not spiral with the storm?

To read more, please click HERE

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