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Hello, all! I don’t know about you, but I’m not a big fan of small talk … so, let’s just get right to it. Here’s the promo video for Like Shards of Glass:

“I don’t mean he was bad to you,” Karter swallowed hard. “I just mean, there were times when, I didn’t get why you stayed. When he came back – after the bombings, there were times when I hated you for letting him be the way he was. Like you were invisible. So that meant, he expected you to be invisible to me. Making me have to tell him to acknowledge you, your questions, things you’d do.”

“What do you mean?”

“You know what I mean.” Karter rubbed his beard. “Forget it. Just eat your food. Don’t want you to lose any more weight.”

“So you saw it all?”

Why did I sound so surprised?

“Please eat, Mom.”

“Did he, you know, keep you from me, Karter?”

Staring down at the table, then up at me, my son, the full-sized man, softened. His posture, his gaze, even the way he stretched out his arms, shifted. I had my answer.

“After it happened – after what he did, you went AWOL. You came back with a broken hand. What happened to your hand? Where did you go?”

“I don’t remember.” His eyes fell as he shook his head adamantly. He was far too adamant.

“No, no, no, don’t shut down on me, Karter. What happened?”

“I honestly don’t remember.”

“Two weeks you were nowhere to be found. Tell me. Tell me what did you do?”

“Do?” His eyes met mine with a deep confusion. “What do you think I am? What do you mean what did I do?”

“It’s not what you are. It’s what you’re capable of.”

“One time. One time I get a little angry, this is what you – you don’t trust me at all to be a human being. You think I’m him. Admit it.”

I skirted his accusation, just as he was skirting mine. “You lie to me. How can I trust you? You’ve always lied to me…”

Karter nodded and his eyes filled with tears. “He taught me to lie to you.”

Scooting my chair closer to his, I took his hand. “Where did you go for those two weeks?”

“I don’t know.”

“I don’t believe you, Kar –”

“It scares me. All right? Trying to remember. Because I don’t wanna know what I…” His hand trembled as he pulled away from me. “I don’t wanna know.”

Sample or download your copy of my book, now available for preorder, here: Like Shards of Glass

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