5 ‘Like Shards of Glass’ Facts


Like Shards of Glass

Character Names

1. Monroe Song-Helt

The name Monroe was not a difficult one. It simply came to me before I began jotting down notes. However, Monroe’s husband’s last name, Helt, took a bit of thought. It was originally Song, and a few chapters into writing, I wanted to keep Song as Monroe’s maiden name, and felt the need to change her husband’s name.

After a bit of research, I discovered Helt, which is Danish for hero. Once you read a bit about Monroe’s husband and son, and the way their perception of themselves as heroes, clashes with who they truly are, you will understand a bit more.

2. Dominique

I went back and forth with myself about naming my main male character Dominique. There was a certain irony in that once or twice, he was nicknamed “Dom,” which reminds me of dominance – a trait this character hardly possessed.

I cannot remember how or when or why the name stuck, but I considered changing the spelling. In the end, I stuck with Dominique, because I really wanted to emphasize the “ique” sound, with no confusion with the “ick” sound.

3. Karter

This name is a pretty simple choice. It, like Monroe, came to me in the brainstorming process. I wanted a name that was simple, with a somewhat interesting spelling. Also, Karter’s father is named Carter. With a variation of the spelling, it added to the chaos that was often felt by a son who was trapped in his own mind, fighting with the gruesome legacy his father had left behind.

4. Jasmine “James”

The character, Jasmine James, was considered a bit of a tomboy in one scene, then in the next, she was described as regal and poised. I enjoyed created a young woman who was not afraid to change her mind, state her opinion, restore cars with her father, or work alongside the callous Monroe Song.

5. Monroe and Karter changed their last name  …

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