This isn’t a peachy, preachy pick-me-up post.

Hey, all. Hope your day’s going well.

I have an update: there will be a delay on THE ALCHEMY OF SHARDS Spring release. I’m putting a lot into my Summer release, and going back and forth with myself about how necessary it really is to put out another book of short stories. Why? Well, because I really don’t think its going to sell. The Alchemy of Shards2 (2)

Let me back up a little. In the beginning of self publishing, I read that, the more books an author has available for purchase/download, the better. I thought that that made sense, and out of my many novels and short stories, I decided which ones I would have have edited, and make available. And I got started with publishing.

Honestly? Now, I’m wondering if it’s wise to publish multiple books, and have them all sitting, collecting dust, despite the constant promoting and research and hard work.

Giving up isn’t an option. But what happens when most everything you do seems to be rejected? Or worse, ignored, seemingly invisible? Does it hurt? Umm, yes. Especially when you see similar books in your genre flying off the shelves because of the name or names attached, people who have the funds to put into placing ads. (Or because frankly, some people have more people in their corner.)

So, what do you do when people you have supported while you were quietly running on empty, who love to read,  aren’t interested in you or your passion?

Maybe you question your passion. Perhaps you question your gift. Maybe you begin to consider that it just isn’t your time, because what you write about isn’t “in”. Maybe you grow bitter, because memes about thinking positively suddenly seem more like mockery. Perhaps you feel even more bitter because people were more focused on pointing out that typo, than they listened to the awareness aspect (when traditionally published books are slacking on typos, too, these days).

Where do you put all this frustration? How do you keep trying when you seem to be sharing your art in an empty room?

I’m going to go with … I don’t know. This isn’t a peachy, preachy pick-me-up post. Its an I’m with you update.

Readers: If you’re out there, reach out to the newbies when you can. Especially if they’re your best friend. Old acquaintance.  Your sister. Your uncle. Your step mom. Even distant cousin. Even if you’re a stranger, and you thoroughly enjoyed an indie book .. don’t hesitate to reach out. Maybe they’re too busy to thank you, or aren’t as grateful as they should be, but mostly, you’ll brighten their day.

We’ll be eternally grateful, because sometimes, this process is hard — really hard. And we know, no one forced us to put ourselves out there. But still, it’s hard on us. We go up and down. And it only takes a review. A kind email. Constructive criticism, even.

New/Undiscovered Authors: What can I say? I’m with you.

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