#Freebie! Yes, I am spamming you

Hello, all! Just a reminder, I have a free read for you over at Wattpad. And also, I forgot to mention, I’ve got more freebies for you bookworms on Microcerpt. Both of the stories and more are available on Amazon, and will be included in the upcoming Spring new release. (The cover reveal is Friday!)

Two Green Chairs

Left me there. Sitting in that old, green chair. You’re gone, I’m one with the cold breeze blowing through the hole – the void you left. You left me there. Sitting in that old, green chair. You left me for another .. I refuse to speak her name.

Together, we were an element. We were elements. We were the elements. I was air. You were water. We were earth. Our hearts were the flame. But what are we, now? No we, just me. Here. Sitting here. In this old, green chair.

We dreamed of this place. We believed in “one day.” We prayed over these walls. And soon, “one day” came, and we anointed these halls. We couldn’t wait to adorn these walls. Who knew the fruit of our labor, our devotion, our determination would taste so sweet? Who knew sweet could leave such bitterness upon my heart? As I sit here, alone, in this old, green chair.

I remember, we spotted these chairs from the top of the escalator. We pointed, we smiled, we chose … these old green chairs. We imagined side by side, his and hers, hand in hand, together, we would sit … sit in these old green chairs.

What a perfect view of the cherry blossom tree in our garden, from our chairs. Now they’re my chairs. Old, green, haunting chairs. I loathe these chairs. And beloved, for leaving me with promises, I loathe you, and I loathe her.

Read more: http://www.wattpad.com/45718664-two-green-chairs-undone-excerpts-short-stories-and

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