Landon’s Story: “I feel like I’ve lived all these different lives.”

In Just Beneath the Surface: Landon’s Story, the lines between love and obsession, man and monster, helping and controlling, are more than blurred …


“While we were apart. Did you – ”

“Never. I’d never do that. Why would you even ask me that, Seven?”

“Then, what’s wrong?” Seven reached over to touch him.

“Don’t touch me, right now, baby. I swear I’m – ” Slowly, he ran his hands over his face.

“What’s wrong?”

“What would it take for you to leave me?” Landon asked, biting his nails.

“I don’t know, Landon. If you cheated or hit me. Why? Why are you – what’s wrong?”

With both hands on the steering wheel, Seven glanced over at him every few seconds and waited for his answer.

“I feel like I’ve lived all these different lives. Like I’m all these different people – and I mean bad ones. Like I been hiding, and I been good at it, Seven – the best at it. Now it’s all around me. How do you hide from something that’s all around you?”

“From what, Landon?”

“I’d never tell you.” He turned to look out the window. “What would I do that for? What would that do? Push you away? If I got you, if I have you, and you could forget about everything that’s not right here – right here in this car, we’d be so perfect. But you won’t let go, though. You refuse to let go.”

Seven gripped the steering wheel, as he began making the same demands he had been making since they became a couple: that she trust him wholeheartedly, let go of her friends and family.

“You’ll never find this anywhere else.” He pointed to his heart.


Just Beneath the Surface 2

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