““I want us to be so much more than this … ”





Just Beneath the Surface 2: Landon’s Story

He kissed her neck, put her hands on his chest and spoke tenderly. “Or do you tell yourself not to trust me? Your version of self-preservation? How come I’m controlling, but, if I control things, it’s because I want to preserve and bring out the best. Because I love you more than anybody ever could, better than anybody ever could.”

Landon watched her as she pondered his words. Seven looked into his eyes as he leaned in, placed his hands lovingly behind her neck and spoke into her ear:

I want us to be so much more than this,” he said pointing from himself to her. “You doubting me and waiting to see how bad I’ll mess up. I don’t want that. And I don’t wanna’ be the only one with his guard down. Let this guard down, Seven and trust me.”



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