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There is an eerie glow in coming undone. It is a raw, honest, vulnerable state, and no one is exempt. No matter what falling apart looks like to you – a tear, words you cannot take back, instant gratification through substance or some type of emotional release – we are all connected in that we all come undone. We have seen someone else fall to pieces, whether directly or indirectly.

QuotesCover-pic59kendallundoneUndone is a collection of short stories, essays, monologues and excerpts from novels, both released and soon-to-be released. This book was written to establish a connection between those who are oblivious, those who are numb, those who are searching desperately for a reason to come away from that lonely ledge.

“I can hardly remember my wife storming back inside the bedroom, attacking me with her small fists, or threatening to call the police. And just as I had raised the razor strop, I felt cold steel at the back of my head. My wife spoke in a low steady voice: ‘No more.’

I knew she would never pull the trigger, and part of me dared her to do it. I wanted to wrap my hands around her neck and beg her to do it – to put me out of my misery. Instead, I dropped my fist. I released both of my daughters’ arms, which suddenly seemed so tiny in my hands. A monster – I am a monster.”



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