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The latest thoughts on “Undone,” free through midnight:

Undone is a compelling collection of short stories, book excerpts, and character monologues by RH Ramsey. As a whole, Undone masterfully displays Ramsey’s graceful writing style, her amazing skill for writing dialogue, and her stunning storytelling ability. If you have shied away from reading Ramsey’s stories due to her dark physiological edge, which examines domestic violence, reading Undone is a perfect way to introduce yourself to Ramsey’s engrossing stories. ~ Lusty Penguin Reviews 


My heart breaks a little every time I read R.H. Ramsey’s work. What leads a person to address abuse, mental illness and addiction? It’s so easy not to talk about these tough topics, and yet they’re clearly issues that Ramsey seeks to bring to the forefront. The first short story of the novel, “Fist”, is a story of abuse told from the perspective of the abuser. Ramsey gives us pathology of a man who terrorizes his young daughters and wife. The rage of the abuser and fear of the children and the hints of brutality are soul ripping. The story is written with a beautiful flow that makes no excuse for this antagonist, but shows the helplessness of everyone involved. ~ Rabid Reader’s Reviews 

Undone (Amazon) free download!

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