Giveaway, randomness, pet peeves

Here are a few of my pet peeves (and a few facts):

1. After I’ve eaten, when about five to ten minutes pass, I get irritable — I mean super irritable — with the smell of food.

2. Impatient people – that would be a pet peeve.

3. Touch Screen Phones

4. Auto correct

5. Having to count words when writing

6. I hate to be late, or to be off schedule, but I hate schedules, and I like deviating from them. I cannot explain that because it makes no sense ..

7. I am planning a giveaway (a bit more to give away this time in comparison to last time) for early-mid February, and for some reason, this makes me very nervous.

Let me tell stray a bit from the list, and tell you about the giveaway!

There will be an Amazon Gift card. There will be a Starbucks Gift card. There will be handmade jewelry and accessories. (If you have an ebook or print book you’d like to give away – please contact me!)

ari.r.james (at) gmail dot com

What are some of your pet peeves? What are some facts/quirks about you?

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