Through my moods, let-downs and dry-humor-complaints, I have a lot of gratitude. And today, short and sweet, I want to express that.

My mother is a huge supporter – that’s hard to come by. I thank her for that. My husband is a math/science/sports person. Reading is not a hobby for him. But when I send him excerpts, even when we’re fighting (lol) he reads them. He lets me know what the characters and scenes made him feel. That’s beautiful to me. Grateful for that.

There are two people on my acknowledgment page of Just Beneath the Surface 2, who have really blown my mind. My cousin (who is also an author/poet) read every single excerpt in the process of finishing the rough draft — every single excerpt. Mind you, these things are time-consuming, and at the time, she was helping a family member with a wedding, working, a student, she is a wife and mother of three — the list goes on. But she found time to read, get back to me, show support, and sometimes I didn’t really know how to stop saying thank you.

A friend since first grade, who, because of her demanding work schedule, should have said no faster than I could ask, agreed to edit the book. Edit the whole book in her free time! Well, although things changed, as I heard awesome news that my books would be acquired by Inknbeans Press right around the time she had agreed to edit for me, the thought, the fact that she printed it off and sent pictures of the book on her coffee table, nearly brought me to tears. She is also on my acknowledgments page. And I appreciate that — appreciate her. Truly.

Copy editor & blogger Melina Druga, who invited me to writer with her blog, last year – I feel as if I owe her funds for the things I learned writing for her blog.

Ava, Ey, Andrea, Jo, David, ,  — new “writerly” friends — priceless advice, consistent inspiration, and editorial critiques that (I truly believe) have been the reason I can honestly say I am evolving and growing and learning every day.

Last but not least, the review blogs I’ve met along the way, who I’m sure had to have been tipsy when they read my books(s), and gave me such awesome reviews. I mean, they leave me speechless every time. I don’t mean to brag, but all I can do is share them on my Facebook author page.

Anyone I missed, I didn’t meant to, but I am pretty sure I thank you every time you help me. And it comes from the bottom of my heart. I don’t ask for much — I try not to, at least — but when people come through, I appreciate it. I hope one day I can help you the way you help me.

If you’re grateful, and someone changed your outlook, your day, a few hours of your day — even a few minutes — tell them. And if you don’t tell them, send gratitude into the atmosphere. I think it will get back to them. I believe that.

  1. I just started reading your new book and so far I feel an instant connection to your characters despite the tough topics that you write about. I love your writing and I love that you talk about difficult topics that normally get swept under the rug. I am grateful that we connected and I know that God has big plans for your books.

    • I’m not normally just some super-emotional person, but, Christy, I had to close my eyes for a few seconds to keep from tearing up. And I very much appreciate that. And I .. don’t know what else to say.

      Thank you so much. Just … wow&thanks?

  2. What a wonderful appreciate piece. I’m sure everyone supports you all the way.

  3. Love your candor and the reminder. There are so many people in my life that I’m thankful for

  4. How exciting about your book! I love this: “send gratitude into the atmosphere. I think it will get back to them. I believe that.” I think so too!

  5. Thanks so much, everyone.

    Much gratitude 🙂 🙂

  6. Feeling gracious just makes you so much more happy. It’s wonderful to hear about your success and support team:)

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