Prior to getting your books published …

Thanks so much to The Social Media Panel for allowing me to share what little I know so far. So much to learn, but always feels good to share what I’ve learned so far.

Guest post excerpt:

Networking (Social Media, Guest posts, Local writer’s groups, online writer’s groups, and more)

Whether you are writing your memoir, a children’s book, a novel, or a non-fiction self-help book, there are others, just like you: driven, devoted, ready to take the world by storm. Before you publish your book, take the time to connect with others. Take the time to connect with the like-minded dreamers – some of them may not have finished their books, some of them may be award-winning novelists – either way, it is a good idea to get yourself “out there” (in person, and online). Soak up all of the information you can. Socialize and make connections – you may even make new friends!

Utilize Twitter, Facebook, writer’s groups/forums, keeping in mind, this is your job. It is important to enjoy yourself, so that others enjoy and get to know you. Search online, for bloggers in your niche, who are searching for guest posts. Research websites, who would be willing to feature you and your book. You will not always get the “Yes.” You may not always get a response. But it doesn’t hurt to try.

And don’t stop there. You wrote your book, so that you could help someone, entertain, or inspire – and, well, the world does not begin and end with the internet. Are you shy, and thinking to yourself, “The very idea of going in public, speaking about my book in public, is making me nauseated?” Same here. So we will work through that uncertainty, together. But what we will not do is allow it to keep us stuck.

Consider making business cards, magnets, calendars, bookmarks, bumper stickers – even t-shirts. Consider joining local writer’s groups, attending events such as book fairs and arts festivals. If you can, contact book clubs, and if you are not able to attend events, see if it is possible to send your book (if you decide to put the book into print), or coupon codes, business cards, etc.

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