Just Beneath the Surface I: Discount&Excerpt

Hello, all!

Guess what!! Today through December 27th, Just Beneath the Surface I is discounted! Download your copy for only 1.99 …

Here is a peek into what lies Just Beneath the Surface:


I felt as though I was sleep walking as I tiptoed into our bedroom to find my purse while Spencer loaded up the car to go to the airport. I closed the bedroom door.

“Baby,” Spencer said as I searched through my purse for my keys.

I flinched and backed into the wall. How had I not heard him come back? I felt as though I could pass out from fear or pain at any moment. Nothing made sense. Time was flying. My vision was blurry. I was exhausted, confused and terrified.

“Kendall, I’m sorry,” he said reaching out to my eye.

I dodged his fingers.

“Baby I know you’re hurt — just listen to me,” he said.

I began trembling. I did not like him this close to me. I did not like him touching me. I did not even feel comfortable looking at him.

“Kendall, I’m so sorry,” he said dropping to his knees.

I considered hitting him in his face with my knee and running to my car; but where were my keys?

“What were you looking for?” he asked with a tear in his eye.

I shook my head as he stood up and eyed me suspiciously.

“What were you looking for in your purse?” he asked.


“You were looking for these?” he asked, dangling my keys above my head.



Find your discounted copy of Just Beneath the Surface I on Amazon, and Smashwords, or, for review copies, contact me at ari.r.james (at) gmail!

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