Starting with the basics …

This is not my norm, as I am no guru; never have been, not sure if I ever will be. But, I put this together over the summer, and wondered if maybe it was, I don’t know, self-explanatory? Less than useful? Either way, I hope someone will find it useful – at least something to refer to in the process of considering moving forward with their manuscript.
So, here are a few things to research as you embark on this exciting, challenging journey ..


My SocialMediaPanel Guest Post:

Before finding my publisher, I wondered how I, someone who is not-so computer savvy, would convert my work (as I had heard the process was grueling) and prepare it for publishing. Should I hire someone? Is it worth paying someone to do something that I should probably read about and learn to do for myself?

Well, for me, it was worth the challenge. It is very time-consuming, and I see nothing wrong with going the other route, hiring a professional to get your book ready for that big moment of clicking the “Publish” button. It is no fun to see error messages or receive emails, telling you that your manuscript is not properly formatted, and several times, I considered giving in. But I didn’t. And I’m happy to share what I learned along the way.

In this brief step-by-step guide, we will cover the basics of preparing your manuscript for distributors.

Check out this article in its entirety? Click here:

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