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It’s so hard to put yourself out there. And asking for book reviews, to me, feels like standing naked asking, “What do you think? Critique me. I can take it. Just tell me what’s wrong with me! Tell me what’s right with me!”

But in the process of requesting book reviews, we learn a lot about ourselves as writers, and sometimes, we gain an opportunity to share what others have said about our art. Today, I am very pleased to share two new reviews for Just Beneath the Surface: Landon’s Story (available, now):

Within the narrative, there is great anger, great suffering, great joy and great loss. Landon and Seven evolve as the story progresses in a shockingly realistic way. Ramsey comments within the narrative, or so it seems, on man’s cruelty to man. Any of us who have been online for more than five minutes can see a parallel. People say the things that cut the deepest and then laugh with derision when a person is hurt. “What do you expect?” they ask. “You’re pathetic. Why haven’t you killed yourself. You’re a waste of oxygen.” They hate each other for the smallest things and never is a thought given to the pain and damage lurking under the skin. Ramsey does the impossible in Just Beneath the Surface II: Landon’s Story in making us feel and weep for those lost souls who may seem to be the least sympathetic. Does that mean we should ever let someone choose our path? Never, but we should reach out in sympathy and compassion to those who can be saved and identify with the turmoil within. We should open our eyes to our fellow man and help who we can each day.

R.H. Ramsey’s writing style is beautiful and hauntingly real. We build a relationship with Landon and Seven in her writing and when the time comes we wonder what we could have done to help. This is a work to be savored. A tragic masterpiece. Pick it up today.

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Review by Ey Wade of

The signs of abuse, no matter what form, can speak so softly, be hidden so well, dress sooo beautifully, no one would know what was beneath the surface.

In Landon’s story,RH Ramsey pulls us in by showing us how abuse can be hidden behind perfection, wrapped in a velvet glove, tied with friendship, packaged in the familiar faces of loved ones, and is almost totally buried.

I am not one for remembering names, but I remember emotions. Beneath the Surface is embroiled with scenes of tenderness, denial, shock, love, betrayal, amazement and you live each and everyone of them. . I was entranced with this story.

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  1. Anonymous said:

    You are so brave to as for critiques. I know we ask for it but do we really want to hear what they have to say. Can we really handle it or will that one critique sting and stay with you? You are definitely strong to step out and take what people would say to you. In My mind I think your a incredibly talented writer. I can’t wait to see what the future holds for you!

    • Thank you.
      I really, truly appreciate that 🙂

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