“I bear it and nail it to my heart.”

Undone is a book of samples from the pen of R. H. Ramsey. Short stories, excerpts from new and upcoming works, poetry and monologues address the array of emotions which make up the human condition. Pain, regret, frustration, anger, release, joy, and hope — all these things come out of a soul Undone.
Contains excerpts of the upcoming Just Beneath the Surface II: Landon’s Story, coming to Kindle November 27th, 2013
undone2 (1)
I was air. You were water. We were earth. Our hearts were the flame. But what are we, now? No we, just me. Here. Sitting here. In this old, green chair. Undone (Two Green Chairs)
No apologies can fix what I have done. I will wear that, I bear it and nail it to my heart.
Undone (FIST)
Download UNDONE FREE, today, and read the first two chapters of Just Beneath the Surface: Landon’s Story!

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