27 “Landon’s Story” Facts: Part 2

Just beneath ll 2 (2)27 facts about Just Beneath the Surface: Landon’s Story

(part 2)

14. Seven has a pixie cut.

15. Landon is clean cut.

16. There is a birthday party in the book.

17. An interesting scene takes place … involving fruit.

18. Landon is, for the most part, a mother and father’s dream.

19. Seven loves cashews.

20. Landon loves to shower the woman in his life with gifts.

21. Landon’s brother, Jonathan, looks a lot like Landon.

22. Seven is the only girl – all of her siblings are male.

23. Seven definitely has a way with words.

24. Landon definitely has a way with women.

25. Multiple times, I have been told that parts of Seven’s story line were upsetting; many readers had trouble sympathizing with her.

26.  I am hearing that Landon stayed with readers for quite a while after putting down the book.

27. Landon has a phobia of animal statues ..

Purchase the book November 27th to find out why …

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