What is attraction? What’s beneath the surface?

What is this, why, and how does it take place?

Was it the smile? The eyes? Was it the dimples? The body — was it purely physical? Was it the chemistry?

Maybe, what drew you in, was deeper.

… Of course it was.

And like embers fall to the earth after a blazing fire, some deep magnetism brought you face to face …

Heart to heart ..

Minds colliding like high tide, the collision only forcing you deeper — nearly drowning.

But what was it? What started the attraction, the fever, the rush?

What if, it wasn’t the smile, but what was  between the lines. It wasn’t their laugh, it was the desperate need to fill the silence – an effort to protect you from the embarrassment of your bad joke. It wasn’t the voice, it was the story.  It wasn’t the eyes, it was the need beyond the gaze. It wasn’t the body-and even if it was, your subconscious saw the language of the body before your eyes were pleased by what they saw.

The story. The secrets. The strength. The naivete. The anger. The retreat. The weaknesses. The power. The candor. The silence. The resentment. The tears. The false strength. The anger and hurt. The retreat. The story and control. The secrets and lies.
… explosion ..

You look up. You look around. Embers are falling. They were falling when it began. They are falling as it ends.

What is attraction? Why do we fall? So deeply, so quickly?  What’s beneath the surface?

Just beneath ll 2 (2)

Landon’s story:

  1. Lolo said:

    Sounds fascinating!! Keep me posted

  2. You’re very kind; I enjoyed your post, today as well.

  3. This is such a tricky subject, and it’s certainly true that there’s more beneath the surface than we ourselves realize or care to admit!

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