A week of excerpts and interviews …

Hello, all!

I try not to go overboard with posts about myself or my books, but as I mentioned Saturday, Just Beneath the Surface is my first official re-release with my publisher! Throughout the week, I will be posting excerpts and sharing bits of information about my novel.

 Today, I will share my new website page, my author trailer, and a link to one of my first interviews.


excerpt from my interview with reviews from here:

“Did something specific happen to prompt you to write this book?

Well. There was a moment where I realized my heart was heavy not only for victims of abuse or domestic violence, but my heart was heavy for those who were being judged in their situation. When I say judged, I am talking about the myths.

People who think that the victims of domestic violence are to blame for their own situations. People who think the victims of domestic violence deserve to be hurt, or like to be hurt – or else why stay?

These are just a couple of many things that stirred something inside of me.This prompted me to create a main character who was strong, confident, and very relatable. Something that I say often, and truly believe, is that with being relatable comes empathy. With empathy comes less judgment.” read entire interview


an interview with the authors show:

Kendall Berkley never understood why
women would stay in abusive relationships
or allow themselves to be battered and
humiliated. It would never happen to her.

She had it all: two beautiful, intelligent
children and a successful career. She
knew she would never let a man abuse
her, and if he did she would walk away.

She knew all this until the day she mar-
ried Spencer. He treated her like a
queen…until he’d had a bad day, or the
house wasn’t spotless, or she looked at
him wrong. No matter how much blood
was shed, or how many bruises had to be
hidden, or how many lies she had to tell,
she stayed for the sake of her marriage.

Sometimes a woman has to choose
between broken vows and broken bones.


Inknbeans website page: http://www.inknbeans.com/rh-ramsey.html

Domestic violence is one of the main issues in the book and Rhonda uses her writing skills perfectly to convey the blows, throws and punches. – unicorn reviews

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