Just Beneath the Surface Re-release Day!!

The day I have been excited about for quite some time, now, Monday, is the re-release date for Just Beneath the Surface – my first release as an Inknbeans author!

Take a look at what others have been saying!


Just Beneath the Surface Reviews:

I have never been in an abusive relationship. I have watched a LOT of true crime shows and read a LOT of true crime books that involve abuse and a woman staying in a relationship that clearly is going to escalate to hospitalization or even death. I can imagine those women having the same thought processes and rationales as Kendall. There’s a feeling after reading this book of having been behind the scenes to see something rare and the need to share that new knowledge with women or men who may find themselves in a similar situation.Kendall is unhappy with her relationship and looks to move on. She’s been with the father of her two children a long time and while marriage is important to her, he doesn’t see the point. He’s written as a bit of a self-absorbed jerk at the start of the novel. “My life is important and what you do doesn’t matter.” When they break off and Kendall starts a new relationship there are signs. Signs that she chooses to ignore. Ramsey does a good job showing us where Kendall’s life falls apart and the reasons she chooses to stay.While she’s moving on, Diamond is falling apart. She’s promised her friend that they’ll wait to have sex until they’re married and then, in the midst of her parents divorce, breaks that vow with the a man who was engaged to a friend’s mother. Her reputation at school is trashed, she’s called horrible names and boys are saying that they slept with her that haven’t (of course, she’s called a whore and they’re patted on the back). She gets involved with an older authority figure that warns her up front that he’s intense in relationships. Like all girls, she finds this appealing at first but the reality can be scary.What most impressed me about this book was how carefully Ramsey plotted the abuser. He’s about control….
T. Dewirst
Just Beneath the surface is a study in abuse. You automatically know this will be a story about domestic abuse; you just have to wonder how it will be told. R.H. Ramsey does a terrific job in her telling. Like the peeling of an onion, just as one layer of abuse is revealed another is seen just beneath the surface. As I read the story I began to see the problem started in subtle ways. What seemed like a loving, fun filled family was really a group of people always ticking at each other. Name calling and teasing between brother and sister, snide, belittling remarks between the parents, and a woman who doesn’t have respect for the man she is with is a disaster waiting to happen.
Kendall harbors resentment and lack of respect for the easy going man she has been with from high school. Michael feeds her resentment by having excuses for not marrying her after 14 years of living together. The children dislike each other, jealous because of the obvious favoritism for one by the opposite parent. Just as I thought everything was about to blow up, the story took a totally different turn and the parents separated, revealing a level of an entirely different form of abuse.In this deeper level, Ramsey decided to tell the story through the alternating voice of the women. Kendall finds and marries a new man and will do anything and accepts every thing in order to keep this man. Even to the point of ignoring her children and the ability to save her daughter from following in her footsteps.This is definitely a book to read. Just when you expect one thing to happen, another layer is revealed and you are pulled deeper and further beneath the surface.
Ey Wade 

I love how the title really sets the theme of this book. You have to look at what is not being said to truly get into the mindset of the main characters. I feel as though this books allows you to get a deeper look inside the feelings and actions of the abuser, the abused, and those left in the wreckage of abuse. I found the authors depiction of the internal and external conflict shockingly real. It was really interesting to see the story take such a surprising direction at the end.
– Sherry

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  1. rsrote said:

    Congrats on the re-release –Good Book–Best of luck with inkbean

  2. upliftingfam said:

    Congratulations on the re-release of your book. This is a fantastic book and I highly recommend reading it..

  3. Reblogged this on journeyofjordannaeast and commented:
    I had the pleasure of reading a collection of excerpts and monologues associated with this re-release (entitled Where Were You?) and I highly recommend RH Ramsey’s emotionally raw and seriously gut-wrenching style of story-telling. Check out her blog this whole week to learn more about Just Beneath the Surface, which has been picked up by InknBeans Press! (Hence, the re-release…duh. teehee)

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