A beautiful review of Just Beneath the Surface, just in time for today’s re-release.
Thanks, Malika.

The Unicorn's Reviews

underneathA marriage is supposed to be a happy one, full of laughter and spirit. It is supposed to be exciting yet mature, and responsible. This was not the case for Kendall. “Divorcing” a life from a long term partner and children, Kendall opted to separate and marry Spencer. She thought she would be happy…

This is a story told with deep emotion and by two ladies – Kendall, the mother and Diamond, the daughter. We see the inner turmoils of both women when Kendall’s transition from being unmarried to married becomes an obstacle for the whole family. Her son, Jules shows his own emotions by shouting it out whereas Diamond keeps it locked in, and then lets it out in an ugly outburst of men and sex.

Domestic violence is one of the main issues in the book and Rhonda uses her writing skills perfectly to convey the blows, throws and punches…

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