A new cover teaser, a new review

As I am anxiously awaiting my summer/fall new releases, I have a new (distorted) cover teaser, and a new review of my book ( formerly called “Where were you: excerpts, short stories and other musings”).


any ideas!? Stay tuned!!!



“I took my time starting and finishing “Where Were You?” (WWY) by R.H. Ramsey because I wanted to savor every story.  I had previously read snippets of Ms. Ramsey’s work as well as her consistent blog posts and FB/Twiitter updates.

I enjoyed WWY because each story encapsulated a very distinct character and space in time.  It was like a literary magnifying glass into each character’s life, emotions and circumstances.  You don’t often get that in a short story.  Most authors are so busy trying to cram the story together that they forget the details.  Ramsey is a master of painting the scene and making the characters step right off the page.

I have already purchased Ms. Ramsey’s novel “Just Beneath the Surface” and will be starting it soon.  I also am eagerly awaiting the release of “Just Beneath the Surface II’.  I am and always will be a fan of R.H. Ramsey’s work, and I’m sure you will be too.”

Andrea R. Cunningham


Harrisburg, PA July 2, 2013

  1. Kristl said:

    Short stories are just my speed, and I always forget about them! It’s hard for busy mom’s to take the time to read an entire novel!

    • Mmm .. good point!! I hear you. If a novel doesn’t get your attention and make you want to finish it in like, two days, short stories are definitely the way to go (for a busy-bookworm-mom).

  2. I see an animal in the cover art. Either an owl or an elephant, but definitely see an eye looking at me. Ooh, maybe your own subconscious? Very intriguing!

    • Tee-hee!! Maybe!! Who knows!

      Thank you 🙂 Love your guess …

  3. What a captivating cover. It looks like an arm to me. It’s the arm of a lady lying on her side. Congrats on the great reviews you’ve been getting.

    • You are very, very close. Very close.

      I really appreciate that; thank you so much.

  4. Very artsy! And intriguing, too. I think it’s a lady’s arm, and the darker part is her dress?

    • You all have no idea how much I am loving your guesses.

      You are SO close. Please oh please stay tuned 🙂

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