Just Beneath the Surface: ” .. freeze to death or be burned alive?”

Just Beneath the Surface

Character “Diamond’s” reflections

Something still,steady and adamant, as if I owed it something. My own lies are catching up to me, and I have no choice but to stay in the mess, the chaos, the grave.

Slowly, school became an enemy. Home was like a maze. I walked with confusion. I knew loneliness like the back of my hand. He came along like any hero would. Caring, honest, eager to love me until confusion and loneliness left.

And when confusion, loneliness and emptiness left, I blossomed. I blossomed like a flower, I leaned away from his heaviness – his otherworldly, smoldering flame.

I curved toward the sun, and with his hand, he shielded me from the light. His love is smoldering. His obsession burns. I yearn for the sun. But it seems I am destined to choose between the darkness of loneliness and erratic flames.

He wanted me for himself. So much so, that he is the enemy. He is the maze. There’s no escaping. I wish I’d remained one with loneliness ..

It’s hard to say ..

would you rather freeze to death or be burned alive?

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    • The content is heavy and raw, and pretty interesting, I think. It may be worth checking it out 🙂
      Thank you so much.

  1. upliftingfam said:

    This sounds like quite a few real life situations that a teenager may find themselves in. As we all know, once you start telling lies you must continue to keep yourself out of trouble. I loved this book and I hope that others will read it Rhonda.

  2. I would rather freeze to death for sure. I was just watching a witch hunt program, and this made me think of how awful it would be to burn at the stake.

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