(More) Facebook Likes

I don’t know. I love art. I love random moments of inspiration. Like,  feeling as if a quote is speaking directly to you. Bringing you face to face with clarity: I’m not the only one; it won’t last; it’ll get better.

Here are a few more of my FB favorites; some are inspirational pages, some art, some informative. Take a look!

facebook.com/CreativelyYoursARC?fref=ts A lot of honest advice, “quotography” and a bit about this writer’s journey as an entrepreneur.  (I actually found this picture there)

creativelyyoursfacebook.com/HealingwithArt – A must follow. Really positive, uplifting and makes you think. (And introspective is a good way to be.)

facebook.com/MelinaDrugafanpage – This author/blogger/editor not only shares writing tips, but has written a great book about becoming an entrepreneur.

facebook.com/LLPix I learned of this author/book cover designer via twitter. She shares book covers of authors she has worked with, as well as ready-made designs. Very kind, great at what she does.

facebook.com/HHRCoach I check this page often. She shares beautiful quotes on life, love and friendship.

facebook.com/NeilVermillion On this page, find scriptures and words that are straight to the point, right to the soul. (This depends on your personal beliefs)

 facebook.com/voiceBoksFanpage Great site, wide variety of informative links

facebook.com/upliftingfamilies Great parenting tips and articles for new parents

facebook.com/1mpics Art!!!!!!

facebook.com/3d.painting There’s nothing like 3d art. Had to share this one. I think you’ll like it.

facebook.com/reviewssherote If you are a writer, searching for a reviewer, visit this page. If you love new product reviews and blog posts about those products, visit this page.

What are some of your favorites? Have a link to share?



  1. rsrote said:

    I like vB and uplifingfamilies.

  2. upliftingfam said:

    Awww, thank you for adding my blog to the list. You are awesome Rhonda, I really appreciate it.

  3. I like the graphic and message:) It’s so generous of you to share and list these pages!

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