… So I write


Some of the recent articles I’ve read really scare me.

Plagiarism: Seeds of Hope Response

Seeds of Hope: “borrowed” passages


Every book I’ve written — both published and unpublished — I’ve sent to the copyright office, all because of paranoia. Or maybe it’s not paranoia; people see, they take, and they claim as their own. I think to myself: What about having a conscience?

But plagiarism happens. It’s sad, but it’s reality. And it’s nothing that would stop what’s always been at the core of me: a writer/storyteller.

So I write.

I write because I don’t say a lot, but I have a lot to say.

I write, because someone out there, lost his/her voice, and will know, that they are not all alone.

I write, because no matter how still I may appear, there is a fluttering deep down — reverberating — sending waves through my body to my fingertips.

I write, because when I write, I defy time, gravity, thieves, lawlessness .. and the chains of insecurity.

I write, because when I write, I travel to the very cracks I’ve slipped through, and there, I am found.

  1. Beautiful post! And it’s sad that we have to worry about plagiarism. I was thinking about this issue recently. It’s hard to know how to protect our writing these days.

    • Yes, it is. There are ways, by the way to protect your entire blog. I had seen writers who have the copyright symbol for their websites, but I never thought about doing it myself. Like you said: It’s sad that we even have to consider it …

  2. upliftingfam said:

    I think it is a great idea to do this. I agree with you if you don’t protect your work someone else will use it as their own. It stinks that it happens this way but people do it with webpages all of the time as well. 😉

    • I’ve heard about it with websites, yes, horrible!!!!

  3. I believe you do have automatic copyright online with a blog, but having copyright doesn’t mean you can stop someone from stealing from you. You would have to fight with a lawyer probably.

    • Yes, you do have automatic copyright. And sadly, yes — people will steal no matter what.

      But in speaking with a lawyer not too long ago, I learned that if ever you find yourself in court, you have a better shot if you file with the copyright office.

      Again, so sad to even have to think that way :-/

  4. rsrote said:

    Nice post–can never be too safe!

  5. A peace of mind of definitely worth every penny. Whenever you create a post, you would have proof just from the date of the post. HOWEVER, posts CAN be redated. So that doesn’t necessarily mean you’re covered. This is definitely a good thing to do. The Blogger’s Survival Guide, says it just like this.

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