Just Beneath the Surface: “…This is dangerous…very dangerous..”

Just Beneath the Surface I character “Michael” : the father speaks


Not much to tell. I am a father, a good man, hard worker — I have my shortcomings, but don’t we all?

Parenting — nothing terrifies me more. I’ve never had to question myself or ask for so much advice or help. I’ve got two kids. My youngest gives me hell. My oldest is an angel. I wish I’d told her that, more. 

My son reminds me of myself, except that I’m an only child. He’s got his sister and he fights with her, but he’s protective of her. That’s what I want for her. Because she’s — she’s not handling things well — neither of them are. And I can’t be everywhere at once, but I know my son. My son has his eye on her.
And as for him, well, he can toughen up. I have little patience for anything less than sucking it up and getting things done. Neither of them are allowed to pity themselves. Out of the question.
My daughter is sweet. She’s innocent. She’s an old soul. I look at her and I don’t see myself or her mother. I just see — her. I don’t tell her as often as I should, but, I’m proud of her. No matter what, I’m proud of her. Even with — everything that’s …
I’m always proud of her.
 Then there’s Kendall. Kendall and this new man …

Kendall and I never got along. She was always pressuring me. I was never able to be whatever it was that she — expected. That’s all there is to that.

Him — I always thought he was a coward. Now, I believe it more than ever. Kendall is the type of woman who knows how to stand up for herself. The fact that I see her arms covered in bruises makes no sense to me. I don’t recognize her, and I’m starting to believe that she believes the lies she tells to cover up for this guy.

My problem isn’t with her or this guy. I’m tired of wondering about them — they’re sick. Anyone who lets that type of thing go on is sick. She doesn’t want my help, so they can have each other.

My problem is this: seeing my kids’ faces when she’s not available. Or when she’s got those marks on her arms. What father wants to see his kids hurt? What father wouldn’t wanna fix that? She tells me this has nothing to do with me. Nothing to do with me? This has everything to do with me — it’s sick, and it’s affecting my kids. Any parent knows, your kids are your world. Their worry is your worry. Their hurt is your hurt.

She’s killing this family or what’s left of it, anyway. If she wants to kill herself with this lunatic, fine. But she’s not gonna take my kids along for the ride. That’s where I draw the line.

I know Kendall, and I know she’s so much stronger than the person he’s made her. She was strong. She was confident. She’s not like this. I don’t know if I’m more mad at her or scared for her.

This is dangerous…

Very dangerous…

And I don’t recognize her anymore.


Just Beneath the Surface I

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  2. Seems like a really suspenseful novel. I’m sure we can all identify with one or all of the characters in one way or another.

    • Yes, I try my hardest to create someone you feel as if you’ve met before. I really appreciate that.

      Thanks so much.

  3. Kristl said:

    You’re making me want to curl up with this book!

    • Thanks so much.

      You are welcome to a free copy. Thank you for stopping by.

  4. rsrote said:

    I am reading this right now—you draw us in right from the start—I’ve not gotten to Michael yet But I like that each character is giving their view on the story

    • Thank you so much!!!!!!

      You have no idea how nervous I am, but I really appreciate you taking the time to read it.

  5. What a great piece to draw readers in! This was so interesting and sad at the same time. I’m very interested to read more. Thanks for sharing!

    • Thank you so much.

      Your book, Twin Souls, is really intriguing as well.

  6. I agree. This is so interesting and draws you in. What a great presentation, and a great way to use your blog to market it;)

  7. I highly recommend this book, it is a great read and touches on real subjects that are often overlooked by many people.

    • Thank you, bless you.

      I enjoyed your post, today as well. Very informative.

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