New Releases, Re-releases and Teasers

Hello all! I hope you had an amazing weekend.

Just  a reminder: There will be a few new releases and re releases this summer.

(Just Beneath the Surface, Just Beneath the Surface II, and a cover reveal for my book of short stories).

I’m especially excited about this particular cover, as it was originally a piece of artwork (the artist uses spray paint and hand cut stencils).  The amazing Laura Wright LaRoche molded the art into a book cover.

So …

Just for fun, I thought to myself :

Self, why not share a few teasers in the weeks to come?


got any ideas?


  1. No ideas at all but it sounds like you are going to have a very exciting summer! Not to mention busy.

    • I pray it’s a good busy, though 🙂

      … Have a blessed day

    • Are you, really!?
      Thanks so much for stopping by 🙂

  2. rsrote said:

    ok I love guessing games–I’m going with a flower with a white spry burst behind it.

    • I love your guess!! Made me smile!!!
      We … shall .. .see!!!

  3. Anna M said:

    What a teaser! I can’t tell what it could possibly be on the cover! It must be so exciting that you have a publisher and your work is being released this summer, you’ve had quite a journey!

  4. Love the teaser and can’t wait to see the new cover for your book.

  5. I love your covers. Can’t wait to see the new one! Hope it’s a good Summer for you!

    • Thank you, you’re so kind.

      I hope your summer is beautiful 🙂

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