Random thought for today …

Stop and appreciate the so-called little things, and spread the love. No matter how insignificant the gesture, pass it on. You never know who’s feeling invisible. You never know who needed someone – just one person – to acknowledge their existence. Stop and appreciate the so-called little things … and pass it on.


  1. rsrote said:

    Sometimes the littlest thing is what makes your day! =)

  2. Thank you for sharing a positive and inspirational message. The little things often times count more than the bigger things. I needed to hear this message, I have had a rough week.

    • I’m so sorry. You’re lifted up in my prayers!!! It will get better …

  3. taylorgilmore said:

    I will remember to pass it on.Thank you!

  4. Love love LOVE this post!! Too often we fail to see the little blessing right in front of us because we are waiting for the big ones.

    • Exactly!!! And so instead of gratitude, spreading positivity, we’re spreading other stuff. I’m guilty of not appreciating the little moments. Working on it!!

  5. Very true! We all get into those little moods too don’t we? Some really can’t be helped. This is a really nice thought and gesture!

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