Just Beneath the Surface Spelling Test: Part 2

Here’s part 2 of the Just Beneath the Surface spelling test!

Last week I used “Just Be,” and today, I will take the letters “neath the.” I will finish up with  “Surface” in 2 weeks! (Answer key is below – for some of the words, I have included definitions)

n -a congenital or acquired usually highly pigmented area on the skin that is either flat or raised

nevus or nevous

e –

elsewither or else-wither

a –

anecdotes or anectdotes

t – tomorrow or tommorrow

h – hierarchy or heirarchy

t – To plow for the third time in summer

thryfallow or thryfollow

h – By chance or accident

haply or happly

e – sudden rise of tide in a river

eagre or eager

Answers are below book cover image.

nevus elsewither  anecdotes tomorrow hierarchy  thryfallow haply eagre

  1. Cody said:

    Crossword puzzle time!

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