Depression Part 2


(this is a photo from

Humming. Now he’s singing. She’s light years away, but she can hear him – the little one, singing his favorite song, “Twinkle twinkle little star … how I wonder where you are …”

She thinks to herself, what you are, not where you are.

She considers correcting him. Instead, she looks away, overwhelmed, and a tear rolls. Where you are, she thinks.

Everyone wonders, asks, admonishes, but no one quite knows. For that word, depression, is more than the “allotted”  moment of grief, a bad day that affected you so deeply you crumbled –  depression is more than the average predator …


In the upcoming weeks, we will be revisiting depression, which I refer to as ‘darkness’.  Authors Ey Wade and Andrea R Cunningham will share poignant quotes. Poet Donesha Thompson will share poetry, and there will be an incredible two part guest post from Emiliana Martín .

If you or your loved ones suffer from ‘darkness,’ please come back and join us – please know that you are not alone. Part 1


  1. Depression is such a horrible illness. I fought my way out of it several years ago (after a 2 year battle with it), and it’s not a place I would ever want to be again.

  2. Tragically it seems like half the people I know have been diagnosed as depressed 😦

  3. Depression is so prevalent, and, sadly, so under-diagnosed. It’s great you are devoting this time to it. So many people are affected by it, either suffering themselves, or wondering how to understand and help a loved one who is suffering.

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